To start, we used a downloadable drill template to create two new holes on our Playseat’s wheel bracket, and then bolted the CSR wheel in with its included hex screws. I found it extremely useful in F1 and iRacing , as Formula 1 and IndyCar driving require extreme quickness on the wheel, especially on challenging tracks like Monaco, turning the degree of flexibility given by the Drift mode into a real boon. Oddly though, it doesn’t function correctly unless the console is turned on first — at best it’s a minor announce. The wheel feels solid as a rock but smooth at the same time, allowing you to almost hand-lead even the most unruly cars into the most challenging corners without the slightest hitch. But if I understand you correctly then you are running into an issue with mapping three specific buttons in this manner?

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Fanatec CSR

The certainly don’t look or feel cheap. Everything in it I’ve already tried except the one thing at the bottom about using another program. Posted April 12, The grips at 9 fanatecc 3 which is the only place my hands go are fantastic.

They are solid metal and have a positive click to them. Buttons are easy to reach and feel nice.

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel review – Engadget

Console users also benefit from Spring and Damper settings. We know the score won’t be perfect because anyone with a wheel or not can score it so put your score in the post as well.


The suite of on-the-fly settings is definitely complete, danatec you skip the middleman represented by the menus of the games. I definitely prefer these type in comparison to the static ones. I know I am way behind the times but I played Forza 4 on an Xbox after not gaming in donkeys years.

Overall score out of 5 5. Started by Darin GangiOctober 6, Despite their plastic foundations, both sticks and the paddles held their own even if we chose to be heavy-handed when quickly downshifting.

Game Update Racing wheel support and a manual transmission option now available in Need for Speed.

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel Wheel And Pedals Set | eBay

You can rate the wheel by clicking on the stars in the upper left of this thread. ForzaCruises – Cruising Drifting Drag. Wednesday, December 28, 6: On the subject of official support for the wheel, the Fanatec CSR is listed as being supported while the Clubsport is not listed as being supported, when in reality the Clubsport is supported and the CSR appears not to be supported. Even so, with the right tweaks the CSR wheel has the potential to fajatec extremely personalized, offering a better feel for how your virtual car is reacting to your inputs.

Together with the metal plate and the six big screws that hold it in place, this use of four different materials in a carefully designed pattern gives the wheel an essential but composite and aggressive look that really resembles that of a real racing wheel.

For our use, we adjusted the spring tension for a slightly looser brake setting the dial to 7 for compensation and a tighter throttle so we could attain a more selective grip through its range. Tweaking fnaatec seems to result in steering that is entirely useless and numb or so twitchy the car is uncontrollable and the wheel bounces back and forth. Cables for fanatec csr elite steering wheel and pedals UK.


Also there is no dead zone like the logitech wheels have. Already have an account? Zombies Games Plants vs. Wrap-up So, let’s break it all down.

Blue Just get it on PC, more wheel variety and your trusty csr will work without the need for gimmicky devices. All other posts and or replies will be deleted. In use So, was the somewhat arduous setup process worth it? I like the text on the flaps that get you hyped up as you are opening th box.

No pedals included, I went straight for the top of the line Clubsport V2 and they work great with my setup. Edited January 6 by olly. But for what’s at hand, all together fanateec weighs it weighs in at over 30 pounds — we’d like to apologize to the UPS worker tasked with carrying it all to our door.