This procedure is only necessary when installing the driver during the initial OS installation. Specifies the size, in bytes, required by the miniport driver for its per-adapter device extension. A miniport driver can reset this member to a lesser value if the HBA has more limited capabilities or to a greater value, indicating that the HBA has extended capabilities. Contains a mask indicating the alignment restrictions for buffers required by the HBA for transfer operations. When the PnP Manager notifies the Storport driver to start a device, Storport allocates and initializes this structure, supplies as much HBA-specific configuration information as possible, and passes the structure to the miniport driver’s HwStorFindAdapter routine. Indicates the system DMA controller should be programmed for demand-mode rather than single-cycle operations. A miniport driver uses its device extension as storage for driver-determined host bus adapter HBA information.

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Allocations are restricted to 4GB boundary alignment in order to prevent them from crossing a 4GB boundary. Maps the buffer all for IO including read and write requests.

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You do not usually have to use the Device Manager or the Hardware wizard to uninstall a Plug and Play device. Indicates the system DMA controller should be programmed for demand-mode mibiport than single-cycle operations.

The size of per-logical-unit storage is specified via the SpecificLuExtensionSize field, described mlniport in this topic. Initialized by the Storport driver, this member also serves as the structure version.


If Windows Server automatically installs the driver for cc newly-added FC adapter upon startup, without prompting you for a selection for example, Windows Server installed an inbox drivergo to the Updating the Existing Driver section. Although SCSIPort re-initializes the device extension whenever the adapter is stopped and thus subsequent calls to HwScsiFindAdapter receive a zeroed-out device extension, Storport does not follow that model.

The miniport driver sets this member to one of the following values to control mapping for SRB data buffer addresses.


The Storport driver makes no assumptions about the HBA’s interrupt usage, so the default value is zero. The miniport driver support bit addressing in a single 4GB region. The possible values are as follows:. We appreciate your feedback. After you remove the device from your computer and restart your system, Windows recognizes that it has been removed. Is this page helpful? The Storport driver initializes this member to TRUEbecause its miniport drivers must support auto-request sense.

Specifies the bus-relative vector returned by the HBA. Miniport drivers must not modify this value since this the default DMA addressing if a value for Dma64BitAddresses is not set. Initialized and reserved for use by the Storport driver.

Miniport must not modify this value. Otherwise, the miniport driver should use any nonzero value assigned by the port driver if possible.


All storpott reserved worldwide. To add the FC adapter’s driver to an existing Windows system, follow the procedure provided for your Windows version. The address type used between Storport and the miniport driver. If the miniport fails to do this, it might severely degrade the performance of the adapter.


Collapse the table of content. This procedure requires extracting the driver to a folder on the hard drive and configuring it with the latest Service Pack and Windows Update. Miniport drivers that work with the Storport driver must not modify this value. Storport behaves differently in some circumstances when it supports a “virtual” miniport instead of a miniport that is controlling real hardware. If the driver is already installed and you want to install an updated driver, follow these steps.

The interrupt synchronization mode determines how the port driver synchronizes message signaled interrupts. The default is set to by Storport. This member adjusts the initial queue depth for all LUNs on the adapter. The Storport driver initializes this member and miniport drivers must not modify it.

The maximum value for this member is Specifies the number of target peripherals the adapter can control. Rather, Storport resets the device extension to zero only when it is first allocated, so only the first call to HwStorFindAdapter for a given adapter receives a zeroed-out device extension.