As of this date, website has not been authorized by Fred Lorenzen. That there is the best driver. I never saw him take a drink or smoke a cigarette. In , Lorenzen began winning races in what would become a remarkable career. A Driver For The Ages.

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NASCAR HoF Hot Facts: Fred Lorenzen

Fred Lorenzen was 15 years of age when he and his Elmhurst, Illinois friends competed in a contest to see who could flip a Plymouth over first by cranking it around in circles.

On the second turn he faked high and drove low to squeak by the leader on a narrow strip of pavement up against the wall, according to accounts of the race.

Share Facebook Tweet Pinterest Email. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works. Lorenzen, who won the Daytona in and still lives in the western suburbs, made the nascra of 25 finalists in and In Memoriam dred Daytona Winner But when Lorenzen did buckle into his white, No.

How good was Lorenzen? Fred Lorenzen, winner of the and Rebel s. Brad Keselowski sweeps weekend at Darlingt But Lorenzen suffered head injuries during his racing career.


The story of NASCAR legend and Elmhurst native Fred Lorenzen comes to life through photos, artifacts, and exciting race footage depicting a little-known local hero who etched his name in the annals of racing history. He was like Santa Claus was to all the little kids.

The front of the car was sloped downward, the roofline and windshield were lowered and the tail end was kicked up.

Fred Lorenzen Home

Click Here For Email Updates. Speedway four consecutive times. It took Richard Petty two decades to accomplish the same feat.

As a young man, he won the National Gas Eliminators at the tender age of 18 proving his mettle on the drag strip. The car was owned and prepared by Junior Johnson. In recent years, his health has deteriorated and he suffers from dementia.

Car news, reviews, motorsports, auto shows and stunning photography delivered right to your mailbox. Just a few years later he would try his hand at another form of racing. I wanted lorenzfn win at every superspeedway. February 1-May 19, On the Road to Glory: His big break came in when he received a phone call that would propel him into the big leagues. And besides, it was generally understood in those days that top drivers did not enter the low pay races.


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That’s how great he was. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He actually created a never before traveled groove on the high banks of Darlington. He also set a record in by winning five consecutive starts.

A simple entry form and a series of modest finishes would have brought the Golden Boy four straight championships. The larger nascarr got the best news coverage which translated into more car sales.

Just email them here for consideration. In that amazing year, Lorenzen won: InLorenzen won the Atlanta and a race at Augusta Speedway.

The next year he entered only 16 of the 62 races on the schedule.