It is basically a library which you can use in your program to test a web application. Look here on how to do it. The data itself can be in different repositories like a simple. The code I wrote in the Q. The framework is a collection of libraries and classes for helping testers to automate test cases.

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Coming to Selenium, there is no default Object Repository concept. To click on specific part of element, you would need to use clickAT command. Selenium Grid can be used to execute same or different test scripts on multiple platforms and browsers concurrently so as to achieve distributed test execution.

best selenium interview questions with answers

Performance and Security testing become important as the application is open to a wide audience. For web based application testing selenium can be used The test types can be supported are a Functional, Learn More about Functional Testing. The text of the element to partial match on.

Test data is read from the external files Excel Files and are loaded into the variables inside the Test Script. When you apply for a job as an automation tester, you are most likely be expected to have experience working with Selenium WebDriver, so there will be questions at the interview to assess your knowledge of the selenium tool.


Integration tests often involve trade-offs like these. Use Selenium Grid when you want to distribute your test across multiple devices.

Selenium is a free open source testing tool. The key difference is that the browsers are launced in a special mode called heightened privileges. Alternative method to driver. We first need to locate the node element where the items are listed.

Or some XML files from 3rd party websites? It provide the APIs for a variety of languages like Java. This question is asked in almost all selenium interview questions because many web applications use AJAX.

Learn Java concepts thoroughly, it frequentl you build framework. Submit ; You can import it through NuGet as a separate package: It simplifies things by eliminating the need to use boiler-plate code to test and validate complex responses. Variables are used for both for input values and for verification values.

I am not too sure about python bindings but you can easily do selenimu this in Java. The answers to these interview questions are for guidance only. All the fields in the page will be defined in an interface as members. Selenium Grid node is a hub attached machine, which has instances running the test scripts.


Selenium Grid sent the tests to the hub.

100 Most Popular Advanced Selenium Interview Questions And Answers

There are largely three type of verification points available with selenium: It is used for performing intrview operations and interactions with the target elements Assertions: How important is the test to the business; i. If you are already using Selenium 1. The official documentation is available on the Selenium Google Page.

Log in, then go back to the webddiver page, do you see the login screen again? This method only needs to be called one time per session.

The Best Selenium Interview Questions & Answers [UPDATED – ]

Type key populates the value attribute using JavaScript whereas. Sometimes based on the project and the test time estimation, we do focus on End to End testing. Instead, “waitforcondition” will be more helpful in testing Ajax applications.

If you had Selenium 1 experience, Selenium 2 feels quite different actually.