I will upload and start seeding torrents ASAP but will take a few hours as I will be sleeping for a number of them I found it fired up and worked after a years rest much to myself and my partner surprise. Hmm that’s probably not worth it. Since this is Fedora based, that issue will be non existent, am I right? New in this release – Ailurus, an advanced Ubuntu tweak like utility, Nautilus Actions Configuration tool, and the return of Tomboy. As a Banshee developer I have also seen a sharp increase in the number of bugs reported by Fedora users with F

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: Fuduntu

They tested release 1, when release 5 was available. I’m afraid there is no PowerPC hardware available to support maintaining a port.

Fuduntu Summary Distribution Fuduntu. Both are heavyweight distros. Freely available distributions that aren’t included on hardware seem to be fine. I guess this is inherent in the program behind the controls, but it is such a low level issue for a simple userthat i really puts me off from using it. Hmm that’s probably not worth it. And, some other applications that Ubuntu seems to lack; like Jupiter for power savingInkscape, etc.


Freedom is one thing, possibly infringing on a licensed trademark is another.

You know there’s such thing as apt-rpm, right? I am also pleased to announce the early release of Fuduntu Don’t know that I generally use fedora and rock solid in the same sentence too often though.

Fuduntu Linux

I tried to change the theme, but nothing happened. Thanks Will give Fuduntu There is nothing wrong with the name Fuduntu. Sponsored message If you’re looking for free, high quality Excel tutorialscheck out Excel Easy.

I may test this out for sake of performance comparison. D Well the controls do work, however, there is no neat linear brightness increase. Unlike Crunchbang Linux Fuduntu it is most definitely a Linux which can be used out of the box with little and no modification from the user themselves.

In addition, AWN will no longer build against the latest glib. If that changes I am sure this feature gets the chop. cuduntu

Need a bit of support with installation. Will give you some feedback. To catch you all up, several new team members have joined http: Your “u” needs an umlaut then, “Food” from “Fud” can only be pronounced that way.


Lubuntu dropping bit support. Forget it, I completely misunderstood what you said. It is a good thing that parodies like puns are protected speech.

The latest release of Fuduntu It installs flawlessly unlike Fedora, which Fuduntu replaced on my Desktop. This release continues our ahi of small incremental improvements bringing new versions of several important packages and bug fixes to the Fuduntu Linux distribution.

Fuduntu – Wikipedia

After that is partitioning and the install finally begins. Unfortunately, AWN is no longer being maintained upstream and there are several bugs that have been left open. Sort of a freebie donation to get him back online without buying new stuff. Non Compiz enabled desktop: