You can enter a passcode of up to 20 digits using numeric characters 0 to 9. Refer to “Loading Paper in the Trays 1 to 4” P. This feature allows you to set a passcode, which is helpful to print confidential documents. By setting frequently-used features and values as defaults, you can simplify fax operations. E-mail Subject Set the e-mail subject using the following procedure. System Settings 10 System Settings Each feature of the machine is set to the factory default initial settings, but you can customize these settings.

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No comment is added to the recipient field. Layout Adjustment Select [Image Shift]. Public Mailbox 5100 the document into the public mailbox on the machine. Received e-mail is automatically printed. Layout Adjustment Layout Adjustment On the [Layout Adjustment] screen, you can configure features for scanning documents.

Table of Contents Delayed Print The next stack of documents is copied after the previous stack. Fax Procedure The following shows the reference section for each feature. Insert the empty hole punch container into its original position until it comes to a stop. Page 64 3 Copy Copy You can set the basic features on the [Copy] screen.

Page 20 1 Before Using the Machine In this guide, the orientations of originals and paper loaded in trays are described as follows: The maximum number of scannable pages is per job.


About Internet Fax 4 Fax About Internet Fax Unlike general fax communications using public phone lines, Internet Fax hereafter referred to as iFax uses corporate intranets and the Internet to send or receive scan documents as e-mail attachments. For information on the background patterns, refer to “Background Pattern” P.

For this reason, image loss at the edge of the original may occur depending on the size of the document image. To deselect all the documents, select this button again.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

Set the start number using [ ] and ] or with the numeric keypad. For details, refer to the documentation provided with the application. Copy Output Specifying Finishing Options About Internet Fax document on the iFax-compatible machine, and is forwarded to its destinations.

Adds the sender’s address to To. Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Mailboxes Types of Mailboxes The following three types of mailboxes can be used with the machine.

Cause A password has been set. Authentication for Job Flow Sheets and Mailboxes The available operations for job flow sheets are different depending on whether the Authentication feature is enabled or disabled. Send Date and Time Prints the transmission date and time.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 Photocopier

When calling a specified stored program, the last screen shown when you registered the stored programming appears.


Private Polling is used. If the indicator does not light up, the machine may be trying to detect a document on the document glass. Cause The network between the computer and machine is abnormal. Common Settings Auto Print Set the time period to start the next print job after finishing a copy operation.

CartridgeMate ยป Fuji Xerox APEOSPORT II Laser Cartridges

When a trouble occurs in the hard xsrox. Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode Power Saver Mode The machine is installed with the Power Saver feature that will automatically cut off the electricity to the machine if no copy or print data is received for a certain duration. Stopping the Fax Job Transparency Separators inserting Blank Sheets Between TransparenciesMultiple-up copying Multiple Pages Onto One Sheet or for distribution is loaded in the same orientation as that of the transparencies. No page number is added.

Operations During Scanning 5 Scan Operations during Scanning The following describes the operations available during scanning. Ventilate well during extended operation or mass copying.