That said, I still love this scanner, just wish the feature set was either more dynamic or were better implemented. Perhaps the best way to explain all this is to step back a decade before ScanSnap started rolling off the assembly line. You can download it here: But, this is all my conjecture. Big documents need multiple hopper loads. That is because today they have announced the ScanSnap iX , their new desktop document scanner. Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless.

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Frederic – January 7, Reply. I have a galaxy note II. I don’t see why not Christi.

I’d imagine the scanner wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a normal router and a hotspot, it’s just wifi to it. Bill – September 6, Reply.

I plan on using Paperport for my document organizer……anyone see an issue? It wants me to send what was scanned before the jam to its own location, then begin a new scan job with the pages left. Derrick Ashby – November 29, Reply.

Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX Review

Hi Scott, you should be able to get most of it here: Apparently this is something they brought in from the higher-level scanners.


This is how traditional Fujitsu scanners are commonly used to scan pharmacy prescriptions, supplier invoices, and healthcare admission forms to name ufjitsu a few. Would like one that works to Mac via wifi, not just iOS devices. Vicki – August 1, Reply. The first change they made is to make the Quick Menu try to detect what type of document you are scanning. I wanted it for the tax season. Brooks Duncan – January 21, Reply. Kathy – January 25, Reply.

Scanner Drivers & Downloads

Their fi-series have continued updates and support of newer operating systems. I am not personally a Quick Menu user, but it is definitely helpful for newer or fujitu tech-savvy users.

Basically, should I use Paperport 14 which i already own, but have not used extensively yet, or is Evernote better? This simplifies things greatly for those that are trying to decide which model to get, but it does have some software implications that I will get into below.

The ScanSnap desktop model is crazy fast and can scan wirelessly to a computer or mobile device. If you are looking for a desktop scanner, I personally would not sit around waiting for an upgrade.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Review

Is the Snapscan the most suitable for this purpose? Most scans will be searchable PDFs. While large businesses were garnering the benefits of document scanning, consumers and small offices were relegated to using simple flat-bed scanners and multi-function printers.


So, I would be very surprised if they end up adding the ability to scan to a Mac. Debbie – January 9, Reply.

Fujitsu Scansnap Ix Twain Driver

John – January 12, Reply. But, if a page gets fuiitsu, I have to remove all the pages from the scan slot to free the jam. It comes with an extra software, Rack2-Filer Smart V1. You have been able to use your ScanSnap with the ScanSnap Connect mobile app for quite some time, but it was indirect — the scanner needed to be plugged in to your computer, scansnnap your computer was the one doing the communicating.

I want to go paperless for If that still does not meet your needs, you will probably need to look elsewhere. And who can blame them when some of ic500 best technologies in use today are those that simply work the way we expect them to, right from the very start.