I have 2 mobile home parks and some houses that are rentals. Dust blown up by strong air from the spray may enter inside of the ScanSnap. After all, I am new at all of this. Sometimes, this works really well. June 17, at This has the same cloud capabilities as the and is a much smaller, more portable unit, similar to its prior S or S July 1, at 4:

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May 26, snapzhot 1: January 17, at 9: December 17, at 6: Ask your CPA or accountant what detail you need to go into. I would like this which ever one is bestto scan and add to a file.

Fujitsu ScanSnap ix Desktop Scanner Review () –

Would you know if both the si and the ix can be installed on the same Mac? Easy enough that I did it on my own very quickly. March 4, at In an alternating succession of scanning documents, the accumulated paper-powder and dust inside the ScanSnap causes a scanner error. Any Chance anyone knows when a fujitus one is coming out.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S1500 / S1500M

His conclusion was that Nuance makes a good substitute for Acrobat Standard, but not for Acrobat Pro. Bought the ScanSnap iX, and 15 minutes later, in silent swishing, put a whole month of bills through, all different sized and thicknesses.


But the best way to get your receipts into QuickBooks is to connect QuickBooks to your bank account, not to manually enter all your receipts — with or without the help of a scanner. It snapsht also be useful to know if I can select a lower color resolution of colors instead of 16 million for some scans if I want to. Any experience with that application?

For out-of-the office use, this would be a far better option. I had just considered purchasing the iX and noticed that a new model had been launched. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

ScanSnap S1500

I invested in a 4 gujitsu add in USB 3. But if this is mission-critical, you should probably be working with an IT consultant to create a solution that works for you.

I just bought snapsbot a couple of weeks ago. You can also scan thicker documents, like drivers licenses and passports. Will the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX handle this? I do not see how this scanner is used in a fujitxu.

I know how to scan to a folder, locate the file and attach it to my transaction but I would save a lot of time if I were able to direct scan. Called tech support, they said import into quicken then fix the dates. Nothing real high tech, but the recording of the information via a scanner would cut down on entry errors and time. Is the scanner software keep increase the file number after I removed some file from the target folder?


It fujjtsu as good as advertised.

Except for the PC v. Failures, troubles, and damage of this product resulting from the use of consumables other than our fuuitsu products are subject to repair fees even within the warranty period. Looks like the ix is a step backwards for Linux users as Fujitsu does not play nicely with the SANE project and the backend therefore had to be reverse-engineered.

November 3, at 9: There is now an update that does allow wireless scanning. February 26, at