Because it is extremely easy to flip the latch and eject such an item, a lock is useful to prevent theft or accidental misplacement. Writing on the screen is also painless and erasing is fun. The latch is very solid and locks into place quite smoothly. Windows Vista runs flawlessly on this tablet and I recommend that people who decide to invest in a Vista tablet invest in at least 2GB of RAM as well for much improved performance. The pen input was a lot easier than I expected. It is slick enough to move around quickly, but not too slick that your finger slips all over the place.

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Situated right below is the fingerprint scanner, which I will be commenting on later in this review. The pen itself is good, not great but good.

This is a huge help and allows me to take a step in the right direction in getting this thing working properly. Because of this, the plastic cover has many very small needle-like holes to help this process. Comparison Results for PCMark I am merely a happy Fujitsu consumer with a well built machine.

The only other game I have tried is Rise of Nations and it ran perfectly fine without changing any settings.

The Fujitsu T, using a 6-cell main battery, may last up to 4. One thing I really liked about the design is the pen placement.


The built in vibration sensor is a little annoying. Five buttons trail from the power button, which sits at the bottom-right of the screen when the T is in notebook mode, but varies depending on gujitsu orientation in Tablet mode.

In such cases, I recommend investing in an external microphone. The modular drive is loud.

Fujitsu T4220 Laptop/Tablet BSOD help please

I doubt I could produce a ripple even if I stood on it. When running multiple processor intensive applications, I find that high performance is amazing at delivering the speeds I need. One thing that annoys me a little bit is scahner sticker. You can really tell Microsoft put a lot of thought into designing it to work on a tablet.

Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC User Review

I called Fujitsu today and they told me to reinstall the OS. Signal strength is good; I get five bars wherever I go in my house or backyard. I am used to an 8lb beast, so it is nice to have this lightweight machine.

Apart from its size, it’s a very nice tablet to use. Left side view of the ports. On the right side, one will find two dedicated security locks. This posed a problem since such a tablet does not exist yet.

Fujitsu LifeBook T Specs – CNET

It was one of the only ones available with a fully fledged Core 2 Duo processor on the Santa Rosa platform. Both are nice tablets, just not right for me.


However, it does have some irritating features that might be enough deter people from what is otherwise a good choice. Windows Vista runs flawlessly on this tablet and I recommend that people who decide to invest in a Vista tablet invest in at least 2GB of RAM as well for much improved performance.

First, peel off the film with the red-like tab in the corner and throw it away. These holes allow the built in microphone to record sound. My best efforts to produce ripples were laughed at by the very durable tablet screen.

The keyboard shows enough flex for a comfortable feeling when typing. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

Fujitsu Lifebook T Review: – Notebooks – Tablets – PC World Australia

Fujitsu is a great company and it shows in the design and build of the T The viewing angles scnner great… so great it is kind of worrisome. After restart I get a message from Windows stating that Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. Front view of the T