On the [Document List] screen, select documents. Paper Supply – Buttons 2 to 4 For the 5 feature buttons appearing in [Paper Supply] on the [Copy] screen, you can set the second to fourth paper trays from the top. Auto Center The center of the document is shifted to match the center of the paper. Tray 5 Bypass cannot be selected. Relay Broadcast Report 12 Machine Status If this report is set to be printed automatically, it is printed each time when a broadcast transmission is complete. Page 82 3 Copy If the finisher is installed, each set of copies can be stapled and then output.

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Stored Programming 7 Stored Programming This chapter describes the Stored Programming features for recording procedures provided by the machine.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-II C4300 User Manual

When Re-enter Recipients is activated, if you specify the recipient by entering the phone number, or by selecting from the Address Book, the screen prompting you to re-enter the recipient appears.

Secure Watermark managing Document SecuritySecure Watermark managing Document Security Output Format You can also set the color, character size, density, and apeospirt-ii watermark print settings in the System Administration mode. Paper Jams If paper is jammed in the Fuser Unit, lift the green lever to remove the paper.


The corresponding recording area the hard disk is reformatted when restarting. Copy Trays 2nd to 4th Buttons Select from preset paper trays.

It may cause paper jam.

The error history report shows the latest 50 errors. Fax Billing Data You can make settings for the fax billing. Page 12 Machine Status You can check the total printed pages and the total sheets used for each client job owner.

Page 2 The data saved in the hard disk of the machine may be lost if there is any problem apsosport-ii the hard disk. Cancels deleting the document. Displays the [Paper Supply] screen.

Exit cover Open this cover to access the insides of the machine to clear paper jams.

When the document in which the hidden text has been embedded is copied, the hidden text appears as white cutout. The time does not match on the SMB server and the machine.

Orange lever Close the front cover of the finisher.

Image Quality Warm Reproduces colors that have a slightly low density as brighter and warmer colors with more dominant red in them. Passcode Set the passcode. Enter the password as required with the numeric keypad, and select [Save].


Page Operations dx Scanning Changing the Scan Settings You can change the scan settings while scanning the document. Put at least five sheets of white paper over the Calibration Chart and close the document cover. When calling a specified stored program, the last screen shown when you registered the stored programming appears. Factory Defaults You can use the factory default settings.


How to Determine Paper Size If the operation panel settings are as follows, the paper size is determined as below. Watermark Common Settings You can assign 11 paper sizes to the Tray 5 standard size apeospory-ii 1 to Output Format You can also set the color, character size, density, and other watermark print settings in the System Administration mode.

Copy Mode Settings Select the feature to be displayed, and select [Save]. Lightweight Originals Select to reduce blurs of tracing paper and background suppression for lightweight documents.

General Shared Mailbox This is a mailbox created by a general user when the Authentication feature is not enabled. Image Rotation System Settings The F code transmission is used. Machine Status You can check the overwriting status of the hard disk. Refer to “[Sheet Filtering] Screen” P. Select the paper tray to use. During an interrupt, the interrupt indicator lights up.