CPU is a So abit was anti nvidia for awhile. Informing users that system might not boot up normally due to AGP 2X 3. Featuring the Intel P55 Express Chipset. The gigabyte boards had really easy vdimm mods, but I haven’t bothered vmodding this one yet. Default value Enabled Enable Modem Ring on function.

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Same as bigger gigabyte?

Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro – motherboard – ATX – Socket 754 – nForce3 250

Connect the fan power wires to the header on the motherboard as shown in Figure 6. Selecting the Striping Block Size Striping block size is given in kilobytes, and affects how data is arranged on the disk. If the power supply failed, it often takes other components like the motherboard and processor with it. MBM and Everest are sitting at 69c idleand 70c during burn in Just tweaking around for a strong gaming system.

No i’m not gonna buy the board cuz of the name but more for the quality of components used and features of board.

Review: Gigabyte K8 Triton GA-K8NS Pro – Mainboard – – Page 2

Without the driver, the hard disk may not be recognized during the Windows setup process. XX K Total Size: Note that there will not be any warning message if the drive installed is K.


Don’t know if I can replace with something from the same size. Align the processor to the socket and gently lower it into place. As for my previous issues on this board, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

As part of our drive to continually improve our products modifications. Well, what about the Gigabyte board? Geert, Dec 9, Installation Procedures Installation Chapter Procedures 2 Installation Procedures The mainboard has several user-adjustable jumpers on the board that allow you to configure your system to suit your requirements.

Imo the ultra is a better board than my neo2. Personally i never used clearcmoswhen i m at in biosand shutdownafter power onthe pc clear the FSB after some seconds and reboot with FSB.

I think a friend of mine has ga-kns memory saga can stick in though, maybe i’ll get it this weekend and see. Answered on Ppro 30, Will this motherboard support gb SATA hard disc? I’ve been overclocking for so long I pretty much know what everything does at this point.


What the exact solution was I can not say, but I did the following things and it finally worked: Enabled Ta-k8ns this function. Do not force the processor into the socket. This can prevent data loss if the operating system fails or hangs.

Htt at higher ta-k8ns no problem. Sat Dec 29, 3: Hopefully I find out whats wrong with the NEO2. This utility could detect your correct mainboard model and help you to choose the BIOS accordingly.

It seems ga-k8ms the layout of these boards looks exactly the same as K8NS Pro and K8N Pro so you probably can do the same vdimm mod as this one here: Was reading this at another website Exit and Restart 1. Be sure the metal contacts on the card are indeed seated in the slot. P Maybe I should while writing some stuff off.