Nice job on the memory. Qimonda memory chips GDDR5. PowerColor’s card, in its turn, is based on the reference design and thus suffers from inconvenient power connector location and excessive length. We checked the pricing and at press time you can find this DirectX These memory chips are designed for the maximum frequency of MHz.

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You can find products similar to this one for sale below. BioShock Infinite and Metro: On the other hand, two empty slots are required in the rear panel of your PC:.

Our sample comes with a different cooling system than the generic ATI Radeon HD, potentially offering better conditions for overclocking. The HD Golden Sample packs everything you want from a graphics card; good cooling, big clocks and a decent price tag. After checking the consumption, we learned that this card consumes only slightly more than the reference one. As for Sonic, it has a unique shorter design. Little has changed since that time. Note that the card has an 8-pin power connector instead of a 6-pin one, so make sure the bundle includes a proper adapter.

Gainward HD4850 1GB Golden Sample

All the included box contents are well-packaged and secured. Even if overclocking is not your game, you should know that Gainward already partially did it for you.


Radeon generation has proven to be excellent in the bang-per-buck department, so Gainward snapped up this opportunity at the right time and launched their Radeon HD offering. As we have mentioned, it has an 1GB memory onboard 0. Remember that there’s no point in using the switch when the computer is already on. Apple is not a tech company.

With their overclocked Golden Sample card, Gainward brought HD to a new level, but such level comes at a price. However, not such cable is included?

Benchmarking and Conclusion All Pages. Gainward is one company that we didn’t think would ever release an ATI based graphics card, but with Palit acquiring the company a while ago and bringing them in under that massive umbrella, it seemed weird that Palit wouldn’t capitalize on the strong Gainward name.

Apple is not a tech company Musk’s lawyers gaainward it is ok to say someone molests children Latest comments. More in this category: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

That cooler must be up to snuff to be able to handle that heat. As Gainward is a subsidiary of Palit now, it’s hard to tell which company exactly designed these cards: Two additional slots are available on the top side of the card for connecting two cards under CrossFire X. This tool is usually bundled with Geforce cards and provides gainwagd users with a quick and painless way to overclock their card.


Qimonda memory chips GDDR5. Press Release by btarunr Aug 14th, Despite its big volume, it will occupy a single PCI-E slot inside the box. The attached cooling system has a 80mm fan. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Gainward HD 1GB Golden Sample |

Lower memory bandwidth coupled with slower core speed will surely affect performance, but HD is still a great card. In the box you will find a printed manual, a driver’s disc, a power adapter and the DSubto-DVI converter.

The new design closely follows the color schemes of the sworn enemies — red for ATI and green for Nvidia. And engineers from which company worked on these projects.