Nominated by Sophie Lanthier. Nominated by Jessica McCarthy. Nominated by Nancy Groshens. Nominated by Michelle Lefolii. Nominated by Chris Pocock.

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Galandy’s 2016

Nominated by Barbara Rosenberg. Nominated by Angela Hill. We are an advisor to some of Nigeria’s best and brightest business organizations, helping them to achieve their vision through optimum use of their people.

Nominated by Moshe Renert. The Bayside team uses a common-sense approach and ideas that are easy to understand and are worthwhile. Nominated by Peter Henderson. Nominated by Jennifer Bright. Nominated by Ann Van Dyk. Nominated by Renu Tiwana. Nominated by Douglas Ranton.

References – Bayside Associates

Nominated by Shannon Fife. Nominated by Tracey Howell. Nominated by Anna LaPorte.

Nominated by Sherry Hodgins. Nominated by Laurel Mackenzie. Accenture Nigeria Strategy, Consulting, Digital Accenture is a leading global professional services company in Nigeria providing a range of services solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology operations.


Nominated by Danielle Lamoureux. Nominated by Jenny Gehiere. Nominated by Felicia McVannell. Our dedicated workforce enables us deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients while maintaining high standards of safety, efficiency, ethics and social responsibility.

Nominated by Michelene Hauber. Nominated by Kristie Donnelly.

Nominated by Alison Gomm. Nominated by Hamida Bendriss. Nominated by Louan Statchuk. Nominated by Ian Stang.

galandy services company nigeria

Nominated by Christina Pelley. The men were denied entry at one strip club because of a lack of identification and Gillespie paid a cab driver to lead them to a second club. Nominated by Geraldine Vander Meulen.

Nominated by Amy Sandiford. Nigeria Gas Nigeria Gas A lot of investment opportunities abound in the natural gas sector of the Nigerian petroleum industry. Nominated by Karl Machado.

Both services were held at SS. Nominated by Jennifer Gosse. Nominated by Wendy Laws. Nominated by Shelly O’Hara. Nominated by Jason Lauzon.