From there, the application uses the recover partition on the HD, as well as the Recovery disks to restore the original image that came on the laptop. The palm rests are also quite stiff, in the sense that they do not flex at all, even when considering that the modular bay is under the right palm rest and in many other laptops there is a flex present. Does anyone have an internal bluetooth module for the Gateway ME? Would you like to receive these special partner offers via e-mail? The pen digitizer that comes with the ME offers a natural, intuitive way for users to write, draw, annotate documents and manipulate images. What is your job function? Does it support EDR?

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Of these manufacturers, I had decided to go with Gateway, because at the time of my purchase, they were the only ones who had a dedicated GPU while also carrying the newer Core Duo chips.

The only complaint I would have with this screen, is that it does have a little grainy look to everything it displays. The palmrests also get a bit warm to the touch, but that heat can also be attributed to the fact that your wrists have been there for a significant amount of time.

However, this Gateway did not disappoint. Once you get used to the feel of the pen on the screen, it actually becomes easier to write, and once you get used to the fact that your screen will have some smudges on it from when your palm hits it, you will write even more comfortably.


This should be an internal module. Just to be sure you should contact Gateway As a tablet, there are various different things that this PC needs to be able to do. In order to calibrate it, you need to goto the pen and tablet settings button on the taskbar, chose to calibrate, and hit the center of the crosshairs that appear in the four corners of the screen, all in all, the process takes about seconds, and provides a more accurate pen when you go to write on the screen. What is your job function?

We expect the tablet experience to be enhanced with new ink analysis technologies and Tablet PC support in the Windows Presentation Foundation.

Gateway ME Tablet: Too Much of a Good Thing?

This is an excellent choice for students and professionals alike who demand flexibility and performance in a wide array of computing situations.

Question for European users gatewagSep 24,in forum: No, create an account now. Create a new Account. Tablet Attributes As a tablet, there are various different things that this PC needs to be able to do.

Speakers The speakers are probably better than other laptop speakers, and while they are not amazing, they can easily fill a small room with sound. I lifted the machine by the screen very roughly and the hinge held firmly the screen firmly in place.

The Gateway ME offers the flexibility of a tablet without compromising features or performance expected in a notebook.

The screen has no flex, and when pushing onto the screen, it does not produce any ripples.

Gateway M285-E laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Gateway has an excellent online support center that is very informative and well organized. Gateway M right side view view large image. It makes a really high pitched hiss, which when there is no noise around you, can get extremely annoying. This will prove to be quite useful when doing term papers in college, where I will be typing for an extended period of time.


Drivers for Bluetooth devices for Gateway M285-E laptops | Windows XP x86

While visually it may not look so durable, it is quite bluetoofh opposite. The antenna is cleverly wired through the screen of the tablet, as to provide a more clear and stronger connection to the wireless action point. You’re currently subscribed to some eWEEK features and just need to bateway a username and password.

Your consent is not required to view content or use site features. The touchpad is also in a good location.

Gateway ME review – Engadget

Our test unit raised the stakes with Intels 1. Your name or email address: Already have an Account? Folding the screen and twisting it about makes it incredibly easy share your work with others without having to reposition the whole computer.

The response and feel of the keyboard is good, and the key press is even no matter which part gareway the key is pressed. I don’t really want that.