Best regards, Frank On Sun, Aug 4, at In reply to this post by Frank Warmerdam. Search everywhere only in this topic. Jan On The VRT files are quite large, because they cover lots of tiles.

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In reply to this post by Frank Warmerdam.

[Gdal-dev] OGR and OGDI issues

I’m not sure if this will work for what you are doing, but I change the projection of VRT files with gdalwarp: On Tue, Aug 6, at 2: I use a VRT file as an index to a large set of detailed, tiled scans of the Netherlands, built with gdalbuildvrt. After restoring GDAL 1. I know ogdi and openjpeg were causing problems for me. Privacy policy About Wildsong Wiki Disclaimers.

On Aug 4,at Thanks Eli, but this is not what I am trying to do. I want to be able to script loading data from file geodatabases into postgis, as described in the GDAL page. Will this ever be fixed? Now back to the real work of Bdal Vietnam or building Xastir. I didn’t realize that OGDI oogdi has its own path hardwired into it to find the modules, and it’s a full path, not relative. I had to set gal “no” to stop them from being included.


FWTools: Open Source GIS Binary Kit for Windows and Linux

On Aug 5,at See also my newer PostGIS page. On Sun, Aug 4, at Unpack it in a convenient place then tell gdal configure where to find it. There is a bug report there about this PROJ issue from over a year ago.

Navigation menu Personal kgdi Log in. Jan On I have GDAL build instructions there, too.

Make sure your environment is not set to expose the old library to the whole system. I would like to to this without making physical copies of the ogfi file, but with some sort of symbolic link to a central VRT-file, and just add the geotransform information for each individual file. There hasn’t been a release since the 3. Or in my case – I am, therefore I ache.

FWTools: Open Source GIS/RS Binary Kit

Not sure if this is possible, but perhaps someone here knows a trick. It has support for something called GeoJP2. My OGDI library was built when 1. Though I’m guessing that it will fail if it tries to load libdtusa. In reply to this post by Jan Hartmann.


It would appear I’ll need to do a few small fixes to OGDI to keep it building, though I normally just work around the projects. You want the Ovdi from the ogddi site, not the official one. I don’t know exactly why it won’t build with all the formats above but I don’t really care enough to investigate because what I am doing is trying to get to the point where I can build QGIS from source.

Best regards, Frank On Sun, Aug 4, at