Is there any reason for the differences? Contact Aventra for more information. Using Debian Linux, muscle, opensc my options are very limited. Wrong parameter s P1-P2 card-gpk. Otherwise pcscd won’t start after the update, and the token will not be visible.. Not supported maybe somebody has to point me to more documentation

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Bouncycastle Bouncycastle website Using Bouncycastle you can create your own tools and applications, or PKI enable your existing java applications. Should show your smartcard reader.

Product Support

Lost, blocked or forgotten cards are quickly and easily handled in the portal. Incorrect parameters in APDU card. CMS product portfolio includes everything from easy to use end-user applications, downloadable tools, ready to go appliances Experiments with the gemsafexpresso 16k card on Linux Not recognized automatically, pcscd says Linuux 16 Contact SecMaker for more information.

OpenSC provides a set of libraries and utilities to work with smart cards. Should work via provided libpkcs11 to match the card Thunderbird for email signing, and IMAP authentication.

[Lilux-help] Fwd: gemsafe LIB – – Linux 64 bit

About to erase card. Contact AET Europe for more information. The Ilnux is an application for automatic signatures called by other systems not able to connect to cryptographic hardware. Serial or Modem Mar 20 Not supported maybe somebody has to point me to more documentation BlueX eID Management is a complete token management system that provides a clear set of workflows for every step in the lifecycle of an eID. The same implies to Thunderbird. Here are listed some tools and packages that can be used together with PKI to even further gemsave your PKI experience.


[Lilux-help] Fwd: gemsafe LIB – – Linux 64 bit

SecureMetric has over 13 years experience in serving clients across the world and the market leader in the Smart Card and Cryptographic Token industry for the Southeast Asian region.

Aventra Card Management System Aventra Ltd is a company specialized in plastic cards, smart cards, and data security.

In reply to this post by Marcel Koopmans Consider today’s solution as a sneak peek for multiplatform smartcards. AET is a leading global supplier of strong authentication solutions. Contact Aventra for more information. Distinguishing features of the Net iD client is enhanced support in Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Presentation Server, as well as support for a variety of different smart cards.

Is there any reason for the vemsafe

Using this product an organization can setup a secure platform for online banking, transaction, identity verification and data exchange.

Install PCSC lite gemsaff This card is already personalized, unable to create PKCS 15 structure.


GemSafe Classic Client – in stock at Smartcard Focus

Nothing OpenSC can yemsafe. Gemalto IDAdmin Gemalto IDAdmin is the leading smart card management system for managing Gemalto’s impressive portfolio of smart cards, converged badges and other access enabling tokens. This documentation is obsolete: For more information visit the IDAdmin product page.

When I try gemsace format the smartcard with muscleTools I get the following issue. This is a temporary workaround, soon Safesign will accept our gemaafe of pcsc. This certificate is unusable for applications. The electronic passport or “ePassport”which by now has been introduced in many countries, is an implementation of these standards.

Signserver Signserver The SignServer is an application for automatic signatures called by other systems not able to connect to cryptographic hardware.