We need a general page also. Which means that this is not some low-res display. Versions of Linux were available, on a hacker basis, for the old Compaq iPaq. We’ll be spending a bit more time with the Gentouch 78 to make a final call on its functionality, but it’s crystal clear that this isn’t a high-end device. What the Augen GenTouch78 is: However, Gmail and YouTube are both pre-installed on the device, and we have had no issues with either one. With Google behind Android, in late , the Gartner market research firm predicted that by , Android would become the world’s second most popular smartphone platform, behind Nokia’s Symbian OS, and Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies said that “Android is steadily becoming the go-to OS for smartphones and tablets.

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Still the tablet is capable of doing things like loading and watching YouTube videos as well as surfing the web, albeit on Hawaiian time. The GenTouch is one of the first Android-based tablets and as such can provide clues as to where Android stands as a potential platform of choice for future tablet gentuch78.

It’s really a curious product. Android also has a number of icons that shows the time, signal strength, battery status and a whole slew of different notification icons in a bar on top of the screen.

This means you get an entirely different and more satisfying browser and general usage experience than will ever be possible on a phone. I need to do some more reading on how to compile kernels and ROMs and things.


But Augen showed it can be done, and I am really glad they did it. Quickly dismissed by many upon its initial announcement earlythe iPad gained almost universal respect and millions have been sold. As is, below you can see what the Google Market looks like: For another discussion of what’s inside the Augen tablet, check 11H blog.

Either way, resistive is, well, resistive.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

It is also, as you can see on the picture, significantly smaller than the iPad. Android Apps and Games.

Thanks for putting this up. Will definitely keep up with this.

Rugged PC – Technoloy — Augen GenTouch78 Android tablet

There’s on screen volume controls while watching a video, but not for music. Most regular customers would instantly have returned the device for something as important as that, but since I don’t use the device for music I decided to put up with it and hope I’ll find a fix for it. Yes, it takes a bit to initially boot, as does the iPad, but once it’s up, turning it off getnouch78 makes it go to sleep and from that it waks up instantly when uab push the start button on the right side.

I feel the same way. OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, The screen shots shown here didn’t come easy, by the way. Yes, cheap hardware can only do so much. The keyboard looks very much like Apple’s, with clean, uncluttered letters. Surrounding the tablet is a micro-USB port, a 2. None jsb those devices ever had an impact.


It’s also, as we found out, quite scratch-prone. The footprint of the 7.

[Official] Augen Gentouch78 Rooting and Development [Working Android Market!]

So, yes, the Gentouch does come preloaded with the Google Market, but just as we experienced with the smartbook, applications won’t install. If we have any dev out there at all that can provide us with some help, let me know and I will try them on my tablet or adb.

You get some very good stuff like the excellent 7-inch display, good performance, big battery, powerful software, etc. And speaking of things that didn’t work right, the audio on my GenTouch did not work properly either. You also have icons of the major apps, and you notice that the gwntouch78 is much better geentouch78 expected. It’s basic cardboard and thin clear plastic here. For the most part, all I got was loud scratchy noises. I jumped in the car and got it. To do that you simply hold the Home button to make a small window appear that shows the icons of recently used, and still running, apps.

I’m looking into this all more but it’s charging right now.