He felt pretty bad when he came back to the barn. I was so thankful those threatening rain clouds did not burst open on us. The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. Sheila holding a wee one. The team was ready to charge and so they did. Yesterday was pretty much a slow day.

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I was the lucky gal who got to look after baby Rose, while her mom and dad Adrian and Evan enjoyed time at the lake too. You see, Mouse was in a serious accident a year ago.

Our daughter Amy arrived with Coy last night to spend the weekend with us. At the young age of 38, George lost his life doing what chuckwago did best, driving a chuckwagon. I think I was the spoiled one. Boy, did they start. A beautiful sunny and warm day it turned out to be.

But like I said yesterday, our ponies are running and feeling good. Ricky turned just a little bit too soon and managed to crunch the top barrel.


Almost as good as Luke Tournier on barrel 4. Almost as good as Luke Tournier on barrel 4. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Email required Address never made public. So awesome to get away from the grounds, have some fun and take a much-needed bath in the lake. Cole and Dustin, the outriders.


Gotta love this guy. The team was ready to charge and so they did. He was never paralyzed but the accident set him back quite a bit in nrmand his faculties.

The outfit ran hard, Rick said. We were so proud to see him stand. The famous George Normand. Rick made a nice turn around the barrels, cleared the infield nicely and came alongside Kelly, but headed him the whole way.

Cowboy Country TV

Once everyone was fed and watered, humans and horses, a few of us headed to town to seek out the local garage sales. How Red Neck is that? Rick was not too far behind, with Kelly Sutherland on the inside of Rick and Evan in behind.

This sure makes us smile when we get to see who takes it home.


Bonnyville: Night 1 (July 23)

A proud recipient of the mini chuckwagon giveaway. George was an outstanding ambassador for chuckwagon racing, and made significant contributions to advancing and improving the overall status and integrity of the WPCA and the sport nor,and chuckwagon racing in general before he was tragically killed in a racing accident at the Ponoka Stampede in Chad Fike helping out.

Coy loves lego so much that our friend Nicole decided to bring some from home for him to play with. The horn blew and the outfit started and the skinner skinned the team around the barrels to go two wide alongside Luke. Notify me of new comments via email. One of the true professionals in modern day chuckwagon racing, George Normand was the first man to win 6 World Chuckwagon Championships.

Yesterday was pretty much a slow day. Reserve Your Copy Now.