It also seems like it’s pointless to start a new group due to how abundant simulcasts have become. This way, groups know what issues to focus on to improve and my readers have an idea of what exactly they can expect from groups. It didn’t seem to get a lot of attention and I can’t even find subs for it that aren’t yours, and yet it has become one of my all-time favorite series. Blue status is determined solely by how friendly your group is with Nyaa mods. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Lee Sin is my shit

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So how fabsubs I know if the group I am downloading for whatever series I am watching is the right one? Harutard is something I would also call out.

Why simulcasts are killing fansubbing | Mezashite!

And yes, it is that bad. If you could answer those questions and maybe offer some general advice, that would be awesome: That makes no sense.

Evetaku is a Fansuns fansub; they started from scratch and slowly got bigger and bigger. The fact that your recognize that some of those are opinion-based issues e. Spoilers All staar must be tagged. If I was a rich and powerful anime company that seriously wanted to market subbed current content using the likes of you guys and I told you I would pay you all a reasonable salary to do so Denpa is good because it’s adorable and hilarious.


There site is http: This is my entire argument. Maho-shoujo, shoujo, kodomo and quirky are the shows i like to watch when not working on my own shows. Miss Komi Is Bad at Communication. Sometimes, subs are because they can deviate from what is happening in the fansbs. I guess I have a weird way of staar my anime shows. You can only submit one fanart post per week. Eternal Butt Buddy right there.


You should be able to learn how to use assistant software like Mocha yourself, just by reading the manual and using some common sense. I wait for HS subs even if they late. In that place, there was C. Do not post screenshots, jokes, single images of cosplay, wallpapers, comics, or any other low-effort content. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.

November 15, at 4: Every time Thunder or a grunt opened his mouth, subs full of personality came out. UTW and Underwater just slightly better. April 21, at 3: Hopefully these tips will help them fix their English for future releases. Sometimes LOL fansubs have the correct translations, to an extent; and even though the words are correct, awkward moments are still humorous because of how something’s translated.


Noteworthy changes

List of legal streams and downloads. Whereas Vivid, started with like 5 Nyaamods. Welcome to Reddit, the front page sfar the internet. Join us on Discord!

I responded to him instead of Nevren because the response flowed better from that statement. We actually left it bento in our release because it was the show title. Azunyan, this is our classroom. The noitaminA slot always has closed captions too.