If nothing has been copied into memory previously, the system beeps. For example, if the label you create is shorter than the two inch 51mm minimum page length, the label and page print like this: Press Tab to move between options or fields. With the mouse, click on the appropriate scroll button, and hold down the left mouse button to continue to scroll. Hold the ribbon cartridge with the open part of the tab on top and facing you. OFF is the default.

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You can press the Status key at any time to access the system Status screen.


This option appears only if you have downloaded templates new to your system. QuickText toolbar Figure The first step in creating labels with variable text is to choose a data source for the labels. Label Displays the Label Properties screen, which Properties provides options you use to change default properties settings for your labels. For instance, if you want to enlarge the coffee cup graphic in the label in Figureyou first select the graphic on the label using one of the methods described below, then choose the Increase Size tool.

Brady Globalmark 2 – Colour & Cut, DISCONTINUED, replaced by the BBP37

The object is pasted in the center of display screen. Cut out around a cut bounding box you can create for some print objects. Adding Special Characters To Text 2. When you choose QuickText on the Main Menu screen Figureall you have to do to create a label is enter your text.


Using the template shown in Figure above, you could create a label that looks like this: Welcome CHAPTER 1 Thank you for purchasing our label maker, which you use to create and print professional-looking labels and signs for use just about anywhere.

You might think of it as the palette upon which your labels are created and displayed. You cannot recover the discarded file. Selecting a layered object When you have multiple layered objects on a label, it can be difficult to see and select the object of your choice. Page Upgrading the Operating System With A Cymk Ribbon Installed The panel length of the currently installed ribbon is shown at the top of the screen in the Installed Ribbon field.

Numeric keypad Use the numeric keypad as an alternate way to enter numbers and to perform several other commands as well.

GlobalMark 2 User Guide – English

Advance the tape only halfway through the guides Step To save a label as a file in internal memory 1. The System Setup Hardware tab Hint!

gloobalmark You can choose text and you can also go on to create your own word or phrase from this screen. Symbologies are universal bar code formats. Creating labels using these layouts is particularly easy. Page This example shows some Special Character buttons already personalized.


Page Error Messages Note: Saved Files, for accessing stored label files you previously saved. Follow the instructions in the section Changing Labels on page Page makes multiple passes over the ribbon to print those colors on the label.

Units Sets the unit of globalmrk used for the type on your labels as: Choose the Print files in file group option. Creating Custom Labels This procedure shows you how to use the Custom application to create labels that you design, without using pre-designed layouts.

Reconnect the two parts of the stylus holder: The default group displayed in the Glpbalmark file group field is the name of the application you used to create the file.

The Preparing to Print screen disappears after the job is completely rasterized. The system automatically creates the text object when you type the text. About This Book This manual documents the basic Monocolor printing system, all of whose features are common to all three systems described in The three printer systems on page