On the metal chassis, on the opposite side of the battery contacts, you will see a small circuit board. If you choose to program your own radio, we urge that you allow plenty of time to self-learn about your radio and the programming process – it’s not always straightforward. As you cannot see the PL-tones in the general Channel freq-list table as in other sw: If you would like to program any GP radio with the codeplug information previously got from another GP serial number, model, freq. Look starting at about offset 0x, you should see something like:

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Yes these radios have a fuse. Therefore, you can use this as a guideline when trying to figure out what a radio does. This can be done as follows:.

Gp3000 is now about 0. Tuner for Professional Radios R Hold your finger down on them as you do this so you don’t shoot them across the room. Go to “Tools”, and the “Generate Checksum”.


By RadEng posted November 24th8: Next, load your codeplug file into your hex editor. Progrmming for professional radios R Reboot your PC bios: I can now read and program this radio.

You also going to need a good rib. JavaScript seems to be disabled in go300 browser. By billcallen posted March 13th5: If you compare the new checksum with the original one for the file they probably will be different. I have a cable to program gp, usbtypeA, GP-professional pin. If you are using a calculator enter your limit ie for Global tuner for MPT radios.

Program for R repeater, M mobile, P portable radios. Modify the RSS with the changes available on this page to be able to program up to at least Mhz. Turn the radio so that you are looking at the battery connection side. For further detailed information you can e-mail Sandy on the following address: Make a note of it’s original value and increment it or decrement it by one and save the file.


RSS for Motorola Saber system. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality gp30 this website. Make sure “Entire Document” and also “Decimal” are ticked. progrwmming

Motorola Radius GP300 Programming Software

Take an old floppy 1. Cable for Professional series. Collection of codeplugs for Motorola radios. Be sure that this is the exact version or region you require before downloading!

RSS new GM series, ver. If you want to make up your prorgamming remote accessory for these radios you will want to look at the service cable schematic as well as this schematic of a GP speaker microphone.

Look starting at about offset 0x, you should see something like: How to put this version first in prog mode??