You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It ends up dividing the voltage between the resistance of the potentiometer and the input resistance of the VFD. Mill, VFD setup I recently purchased a new mill. Another model of Simpson read it dead correct. I ve set it up properly according to the manual but it seems that when i have the hertz all the up to 60 that the spindle is turning way faster than was the dial on the machine says. Where should I check the voltage?

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AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)/GS2 Series Micro AC Drives

Its “bigger” on my computer. With the design developments that hexapod systems have recently experienced, automotive manufacturers requiring extreme high resolution and high accuracy can better capitalize on these advancements to reduce set-up and processing time, overall Also, when i mount the vfd in an enclosure, can i use the 10 volt output to power a small fan, like a PC fan?

In fact, I fitted two common stove elements in series and wired them directly to the dbr terminals on the vfd and was able to cut the decel time to. Den, that’s the one VFD that’s been mentioned that I wouldn’t recommend: I’m looking around for a VFD myself, and I spotted this one: Write down the parameters you think will be useful, and cross out the ones you don’t think apply.


Thanks for your reply. Since there are 3 poles on the drum, use another pole to send the Reverse signal to the right input.

It had problems sometimes with HF AC also. So there can be a difference in AC voltage at high frequency along it. That’s basic to the thing working right. Completely gone after I took off VFD and put contactor back on.

I’m not sure what “volts per hertz” means. Or you might have had more than 50V, and the meter ffd not read it correctly and read low.

Power tap with it this way often. It actually could happen in certain cases, depending on the reference point. Login to Your Account.

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I use a “heavy duty” three way switch from radio shack, which ran me closer to 8 bucks. That was also very easy to hookup using a simple add one board. Some meters read good voltage on fairly high frequency signals, and others are “freaked out” by HF and will read a wrong voltage, usually too high, often double. It has behaved very well so far except for my VFD shocker thread and on a 1hp Bridgeport.

On the potentiometer itself? By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. What would that do that the drives doesnt already do?


Klein Holiday Gift Guide. In other words, a VFD is not a gearbox. Login to Your Account. For a hs2 or mill application you don’t really need vector drive. If the ground end of a potentiometer comes loose, it will generally not change its output enough get near zero.

Download PDF or contact us to arrange for mail delivery.

There’s usually several- you first have to tell it you’re using the external controls, then tell it what kind momentary or constant contact, etc. I now have 3 in my shop and am very pleased with the performance and ease of setup.

Automation Direct Gs2 AC Drive 2hp v 3ph VFD | eBay

When I buy an old lathe with 3ph motor I’ll get to do this all over again. Configurable inputs, choice of decel rates one for regular stopping, one for emergency stopping and stuff like that make them a pleasure to use. I love the capabilities of the system- speed control, soft start, etc. The VFD has to do this electrically and is not necessarily built to do that with its internal features.