Views Read Edit View history. Something I’ve been considring trying to figure out is the possibility of ordering an arcade light gun from happs and then trying to interface it with the pc After responding to this I decided to reearch the options myself. Repeatedly pressing the “F8” key while booting will display a menu with boot options. While not perfect, and I’d love to see rawinput and a little bit less latency, it’s still the best out there regarding real lightgun support on PC. Hello everyone Sorry if it’s too late to reply in this post and sorry too if my english is not good, I’m from Spain.

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light guns with mame – General – Spesoft Forums

Like many, Duck Hunt was my first gun game, and as a child it was the best thing ever. Use GunCon2 guns from a PS2.

My Life in Gaming. My favorite series is Guncln House of the Dead, but there’ve been a lot of other good gun games as well.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to GunCon. Go To Topic Listing General. Sun Jan 08, 4: You only need P for Gubcon, anyway. Guncon2 is just fine.

With the exception of the North American localization of Elemental Gearbolt and Maximum Force[8] games that support the Justifier are not compatible with the Guncon and vice versa. As well as being stick in XP again, may or may not be a problem, depends on your needs. It depends on what kind of TV you have. LCD TopGun is a new product which relies upon two infraraed strips placed on the sides of the monitor.


I feel the Super Scope definitely fairs better than the Menacer. The Guncon 3 utilizes two infrared LEDs as markers, placed on the left and right sides of the screen. The controller is released in black in Japan, blue in Europe, and orange in North America. I liked the Super Scope’s mini cart. Component works, but a lot of component capable displays have digital processing which kills light guns, which is why it’s easiest to just ignore them.

The Actlabs VGA gun is no longer manufactured sadly.

Or so I read on another forum. Yep,if you are in australia you can pick up a set from Arcade Gaming Australia.

Guncon 2 + HDTV = possible? | NeoGAF

I guess a hz display could work too if everything was syncronized but Guncon was only ever designed to work on 50hz or 60hz displays. My script kinda work, althoughsome games looses some shoot, others seem to need the trigger be delayed even 30ms, I’m not guncpn confident with the timings I’m using I’m also seeing a message in information view of Wingun that it cannot load the profiles.


Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. I find them unplayable without having an on-screen reticle. The bars can control an area the size of a ” projection screen.

On some systems it is necessary to boot into “Safe Mode” to get the drivers to install. The standard controllers work fine, but the lightguns, steering wheels, mice, etc all seem to have problems. It basically turns a wii remote into a mouse, so any game that can be controlled using a mouse becomes a lightgun. Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. Thats cool that you ordered one.

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So if your laptop is not connected to real crt, they will never work. Prior to the Guncon, the Konami Justifier was the first light gun peripheral for the PlayStation and a few games support it.