Not only this, but Gutenprint provides many drivers for printers that are usually otherwise unsupported on Mac OS X , especially Epsons. You are logged in as. Since in gutenprint, all options are always available via the PPD, the driver attempts to select reasonable defaults in the cases where the user settings are in contradiction. The Epson backend is in active development; new printers, bug fixes and capability additions are contributed in each new release. New as of May 2, ! In such a case, the printer can be configured to use a standard Postscript driver. A Macintosh installer package may be made available later; the Macintosh continues as a supported platform for Gutenprint.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A lot of our work went into automatically generating the CUPS PPD files and Foomatic data; the project already supported about printers with a large number of options, and writing all of this by hand would be tedious, error-prone, and unmaintainable.

A consequence of this design is that the print quality is not specified gutenprintt resolution alone, but via a “resolution mode” quality setting up to 5 quality settings available at a time. If there is a feature missing from Gutenprint that you would like to see added please file a feature request.

Gutenprint Printer Drivers

Gutenprint could be of particular interest to those using cheaper inkjet printers as the developers have focused on producing drivers which can squeeze enough quality out of them to print at nearly photographic output quality.


We started work on Gimp-Print 4. Also, the uninstaller will now provide the user with confirmation that shows what has been removed. Summary A really good source for up-to-date printer drivers.

This plug-in provides a printing dialog for the GIMP to print images directly, and graphical controls to adjust the rich set of options of the Gutenprint drivers. The Unarchiver A fast and free way to unpack your files. Output that had been considered impressive with using six colors was put to shame by four color output. Mac drivers always spit out blank page at the end with “Unsupported Personality: We were fortunate that Roger Leigh joined the project shortly after the Gimp-Print 4.

If you wish to continue using Gimp-Print 4.

Gutenprint and Gimp-Print for Mac OS X (10.2 through 10.11 and later)

Summary This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. New printers supported in this release: The driver for my Canon iP works tirelessly and so quietly its easy to forget that its there. July 14, – This is the last stable release of Gimp-Print in the 4.

There are also some changes for other Epson printers. Quality drivers for most major inkjet printers. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: Couldn’t find a driver anywhere until I found gimp-print 5!

Gutenprint – Wikipedia

In preparation for that, I spent long hours printing out test images. We decided to do an interim stable release based on improvements to the 4. Anticipating that the next major release of Gimp-Print would be a more extensive project, we decided to branch the 4.


We continued to move toward 5. Fairly often, printers that would use these backends have emulation capability for other languages, in particular Postscript. If your question about Gutenprint is not answered in the FAQ or in the documentation included with the installer your next stop should be the Gutenprint project forums.

If it were not for Guntenprint this printer would have met it’s maker a long time ago when Apple tried to make it impossible to use it. Users of many dye sublimation printers must follow a special installation procedure. This release offers a few bug fixes for 5. We have not incorporated true color management; our Postscript output driver in the GIMP plugin and indeed, the GIMP plugin itself is still in need of a rewrite; the drivers other than the Epson driver haven’t been fully updated to take advantage of the capabilities of Gutenprint 5.

We released Gimp-Print 5. This one has been my main printer since around The PCL, color laser, and Lexmark backends are currently unmaintained.

We were fortunate that Roger Leigh joined the project shortly after the Gimp-Print 4.