Then install the battery. Then the screen displays the following messages: All bars visible indicate a full charge. Setting You can change some settings in this menu. For use when silence is needed. Plug the charger transformer into a standard outlet.

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Increase or decrease the volume hwier up and down side key during call. Charger beep When the alert for Charge beep is on, every time your phone is connected or disconnected to the charger, an alert will sound.

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Setting You can change some settings in this menu. Vibrate, Silence, Two beeps, Four beeps and Ring.

Your number and information will not change. Do not carry the phone in a breast pocket. If the keypad is unlocked, your phone display will show ‘You have 1 new key to view the message’s contents and then press key message! Profiles select any mode Edit profile Ring tone select any music Ok Q. Select hsier record and press key to access haker following functions: When you receive a voice message, your phone starts beeping or displays a message, or both. Pressing these keys can enter the digits 0 to 9 in idle mode or in number- inputting mode or some associated characters text editing mode and perform associated functions in a list.


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Switch off your phone where the use of mobile phones is explicitly forbidden, as it may be a safety risk or might infringe on the law. Electronic devices Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from Radio Frequency RF energy emissions.

At this time press key to enter the names list, you can add a record to the specific group. The uxb, installation, and registration will complete automatically. By clicking the Next button, you will proceed to the actual installation of the USB Windows Device Driver support files into their appropriate folders.

Press key to dial. Please refer to ‘Any key answer’ menu. Your phone number and registration information are stored in your RUIM card. The phone provides 4 timers 7 Seconds, 15 Seconds, 30 Seconds and Always on to allow you to select. USB windows device driver installation gui. When a profile is available, the icon corresponding to the profile name is displayed in idle mode: Details Submenus function as following: But you can’t view the contents.


By selecting Erase all, you can quickly erase all messages stored in your phone and RUIM card memory. Profiles select any mode Edit profile Ringer volume select High Q. Edit Allow you to modify the black number or search from contacts to add.

Press desired number key, once to input a character, twice d100p display the second character, by analogy to finish the text. Type 11 and press dial key. It will allow you to enjoy the full advantages of your phone. In idle mode, press key to enter the Menu function, press key to enter the Names function.

Each profile has a factory default, however you can adjust each profile to suit your requirements. Off This option can be used to set the lock code disable. Please call me after some time. Standard bps v90 modem for windows Standard bps modem for windows XP 3. To view when it was haiee, call duration and the phone number who received it.