A higher dpi resolution dpi is ideal for faster manoeuvres. Music to your ears: OMRON click switches guarantee lasting, reliable conversion of your clicks into action Avago chipsets for a long service life. Circumaural earpads enhance the sound so no unwanted ambient noise will interrupt you. Great features of all uRage mice:

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uRage – High-quality Accessories for Perfect PC Gaming

Blue LEDs light it up from the inside out. Whether you want to hear the sounds of the game or chat, haama can concentrate fully on what counts. The LEDs light up in different colours depending on the setting selected: Vibration technology makes the earpads vibrate along with deep bass tones. This means the mouse is exceptionally receptive and all of your movements with the mouse are correctly translated onto your screen. The plug and play, driver free installation makes setting up this mouse easy.

Different games naturally also require different settings. Everything stays in place, even in particularly fierce battles. Music to your ears: With our gaming mice, you always have complete control over all your gaming movements.


The perfect gamer equipment: To all gaming keyboards. A higher dpi resolution dpi is ideal for faster manoeuvres.

The ergonomic design of the uRage products means that hours of gaming are no problem. Get your fantastic gaming mouse today with the uRage Gaming Mouse from Hama! Choose between, and dpi to quickly adapt to any gaming situation at the touch of a button.

Great features of all uRage mice: Every uRage headset is rounded out by comfortable earcups — just what you need for hours of gaming. Do you have to reassign the keys for every new game? The mouse has 5 programmable buttons which can be assigned individually depending on the game requirements, with one dpi speed dial button for quick speed changes. Circumaural earpads enhance the sound so no unwanted ambient noise will interrupt you. This way, you can not only keep track of the dpi, but also have a stylish colour effect.

Furthermore, the 2 metre cable gives plenty of flexibility in playing your games, whilst avoiding to much unnuecessary cable clutter. To hear explosions and shots as if they were right next to you? It features the Avago optical gaming sensor, which is particularly popular in the community. Extremely low-friction Teflon sliders Very easy to grip Non-slip rubber surface at the critical points for accuracy The Hz polling rate ensures instantaneous transmission of your movements and commands to the computer.


Of course, a stylish design is a must-have. The perfect keyboard for making the most of your speed.

Hama “uRage Reaper evo.” Gaming Mouse |

You like to play shooter games? The mouse has great grip due to anti-slip coating and low friction Teflon feet for great movement.

Five keys — for three assignments each. To all uRage gaming mice. The extra-long cable on our headsets gives you the freedom you need, no matter how tricky things get. Sincewe have offered perfect high-quality PC gaming products with top-of-the-line features — all at a fair price.

The 6 precision buttons allow you to react incredibly quickly.

Or are you into lighting effects?