At any point, running the program with the dongle installed resulted in the H error. H ” Just want to say thanks! H ” This worked great! H ” Thank you for sharing your experience and outcome with this particular error H H ” I lost everything on my PC and had a local computer guru Help me get most of my work back. Two of the updates seemed to end with an error, perhaps because I did not reboot the PC after each it was not clear whether or not to do this. Kept getting the runtime error

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H ” Thank you for sharing your experience and outcome with this particular error H I followed your directions, and voila H ” Thank you very run-timf. H ” Worked like a dream which never happens.

Thanks so much for your post. Thank installwr for posting. I had this software installed previously on an HP laptop and now have a Surface Pro 3.

How I solved “Unable to access HASP SRM Run-time Environment? (H)”

I confess Ssrm couldn’t figure out how to do that. I was told by the software people that they did not support this program anymore. H ” I downloaded Windows 10 a couple of weeks ago and today was my first time to access 5D and I got the error like everyone else. Thank you so much. My software do is job now!


Aladdin Hasp Srm Runtime Environment Installer Operating System Not Supported – criseqr

I just solved my issues without having to ask my son to help. Thanks so very much. I am always dubious about hitting links and downloading open ware on gul laptops, but my frustration was at the boiling point. H ” It worked!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Thank you for the fix. My computer had recently completed an extensive update on its own!! Installdr for all the information you have provided! That’s the version I am most comfortable with. H ” These explicit directions really did the job.

It worked just as described. I assume it will since you are changing the computer, not the hasp?????? H ” Thank you so very much! This has effectively put me out-of-business until I can get it fixed or another computer. H ” This worked great!

You were so very helpful!! After having to reinstall my 5D embroidery software I couldn’t get past the error message.


Sentinel HASP/LDK driver

Run-tome is my go-to to solve problems and found this post first! I removed the link to the older driver when I heard success with the newer driver. I looked in the Device Manager and saw an error for the HASP device and its properties said the device driver was not installed.

I am not computer literate but I managed these instructions without any difficulty. I am an engineer and when I can’t figure something out, I cannot sleep. H ” every time I click on this I either get a firewall block from Firefox saying this is an unsafe site or I get redirected to ZOMA which wants to access all instal,er google info.

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