If you don’t see anything which meets your needs, give us a call. There are no items in your cart. The results in a narrower pulse without the inefficiency of extra-cavity chopping. This can produce chopped pulses down to around ps please enquire about possible methods to go faster. This can be done with a pulse picker , which is essentially an electrically controlled optical switch. In some cases it may be necessary to use a clean up system after the pulse, depending upon the application and requirements.

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The principle of an acousto-optic pulse picker is to apply a short RF pulse to the acousto-optic modulator so as to deflect the wanted pulse into a slightly modified direction. Typical systems use many small pulsers, the outputs of which are added with a programmable timing and possibly programmable amplitude.

Pulse Pickers

In many cases it is only necessary to close the cavity to permit lasing to build up. In pulsed systems this effect is simply overcome by rahe the amplitude of the applied pulse to greater than that required for DC induced retardation. Components of a standard pulse picker: This system can pick out pulse from pulsed or CW mode-locked lasers, or CW Q-switched mode locked lasers.

A trigger signal may then come at any time, and the electronics will act on the switch at the proper time to transmit the next arriving input pulse. Customer requested high voltage generators up to 50kV are also available. For high repetition rates the driver should be attached to the heatsink with thermal resistance of at least 0.


About Us Go back. If you don’t see anything which meets your needs, give us a call. Del Mar Photonics Pismo pulse picker Control and supply unit oscilloscope is not included.

Pulse Pickers and Regen Systems

Whilst extremely effective devices, there are some applications where transverse field devices are superior choices. Also please send me a price list with if any possible discount in your earliest convenient time.

These crystals are grown in Quantum’s laboratories with tight control of growth and fabrication processes. We can offer you our standard devices for picking single pulse from femtosecond pulse train with following specification:.

The driver has a fast nanoseconds cwll and fall times, variable pulse gate width from 7ns to ns with output voltages up to 9KV. Click on the image links for more detail. Many laser systems are now required to produce shaped pulses cll to use shaped drive pulses in order to extract efficiently as much as the energy as is possible from the amplifiers.

For various reasons see belowit is often celk to pick certain pulses from such a pulse train, i. This cannot be as fast as the light must pass the cell twice. The use of a three electrode cell allows complete decopupling of a pair of drivers without increasing the number of optical surfaces. Pockels cells are used for many applications mainly within laser systems.


If you have an inquiry on this topic, please contact QTI toll-free at or send an e-mail to staff quantumtech. If you like this article, share it with your friends and colleagues, e.

The peak voltage should be timed to the pulse.

Choose product Send request for custom product. There are no items in your cart. In this case both pulse trains of cross polarzied beams are required. I need 2 different rep rates.

DQ High Repetition Rate Pockels Cell Driver for Q-Switching

In these cases the driver can simply switch a high voltage to ground or some other level. Stud or pin connections are available. Consequently in order to pick out a single pulse an extra cavity system date be used with a pulse that goes from zero to the half wave voltage and back to zero in the two round trip times of the cavity.

If the pulse propagating through the system depletes the gain in the amplifiers it is only necessary to reduce transmission before the pulse. Supplied as an OEM format cell in an industry standard package, a kHz driver is also available. For example, it may use the signal from a fast photodiodesensing the original pulse train, in order to synchronize the switching with vell input pulses.