So far i wasnt able to make them work, even though the DS3 works on Computer with Xinput. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The Fighting Stick 3 has a metal base and plastic outer shell with smooth corners that don’t murder your wrists unlike some other sticks we’ve used. If you’re a casual player, that should do you fine. The cord is about ten feet three meters long though, which is for most purposes plenty of length. Post news, strategies, complaints, tier lists or whatever, as long as it’s Tekken related.

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The d-pad’s accuracy is also questionable against the precision inputs necessary for games like Virtua Fighter 5. Great place to start for character specific basics. Make sure this is what you intended.

Maybe not so bad if you’re among the three people in the country that play cross-handed, but we’re not one of the few. If you’re hofi casual player, that should do you fine.

However, American arcade goers may need some adjusting to come to grips with the Japanese-favored design. For PlayStation 3 owners, the list of purchase options is short. Most people I know just swap the stick itself. I have it, and I like it alot.

But be aware that modding that stick is not as simple as the Madcatz SE and TE sticks; soldering is involved. You can buy a Hori stick, a Hori stick, or another Hori stick, two of which are sold in Japan only.


You should wait to see from some other members here. Bring back the main forum list. Honestly, I thought every Hori stick mod required soldering, but I guess that’s not the case. The cord is about ten feet three meters long though, which is for most purposes plenty of length.

This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Log in or sign up in seconds. Suits me perfectly since im not all Hardcore. The stick has considerable heft and rubber feet, both of which work to hold the controller firmly in place on hard, flat surfaces.

For casual play it’s excellent.

How good is the Hori fighting stick 3?

Some folks are fine with buttons and just want a different gate. Buy an arcade stick. Please Log In to post.

I guess I should point out this is what I think. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

Will a PS3 Hori Fighting Stick 3 arcade stick work in Windows Vista?

We rs3 a tendency to be a bit violent with arcade sticks but had no problem with the Fighting Stick 3 moving fss3 our mighty force. There’s more to modding a stick than just switching buttons. Go to the Steam Big Picture mode, controller settings and untick all the boxes.


It’s functional, sure, but hardly comfortable if you’re like us and need to hold the controller in odd positions to access all the face buttons with the quickness required by competitive fighting game play.

How good is the Hori fighting stick 3? – Street Fighter IV – Giant Bomb

Except for that, I suppose. In our testing with Virtua Fighter 5, we found the Fighting Stick 3 to be infinitely more comfortable and accurate than the standard Sixaxis controller. Submit a new text post. Dark Resurrection, there’s no better option. But then neither is the solution. Even if the Japanese design hroi turn you off, there are rs3 other concerns to note. Hi guys, i have two Playstation 3 Fightsticks Hori Fighting Stick 3 and i really would like to use them on my computer for Tekken.

All inputs are registered with great accuracy, and the lightness of the stick and buttons makes play comfortable and effortless.