Suse Enterprise Server October 2nd, 1. My wife uses an older HP dvhe, and this bug occurs in her upgraded laptop too. You’re right,i’ve taken the command literaly, it’s a mistake,an simple effect oh my ignorance of Linux commands. There are only two ways to restore connectivity: Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Ericson toldme about two files command to remove my network driver:

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[ubuntu] [SOLVED] Removing r driver

Right, I have two desktops that have this card. Please try this kernel, I pulled the genirq fixes. An rpm is typically a packaged installable binary or precompiled binary, an srpm or. Reboot the PC 4.

Oliver Valls tramuntanal wrote on If the file you downloaded is an rpm file and not an srpm or. Hkw other words the Ethernet continues to work after resuming from suspend.


You posted the wireless-info for an ethernet problem. Too what I’ve read so far, I’ve heard that this may be because it is in initrd.

Network Fix for RTL/RTL Boards and Cards – LinuxCNC

Hope something there helps. This way you can check whether the script reloaded the kernel module” This fixed my laptop. The last version working properly is 4. The kernel version 4. My network will not resume after suspend.


Reloading the module does not help. Sergey gesent on Wired LAN is not available after suspend-resume in release You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Intel Wireless driver: Join our community today!

Please, i would like to know all the way, command lines to uninstall network rsmove before install another. Symmetric Receive-only Advertised auto-negotiation: It only worked once.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Fatih USTA fatihusta86 wrote on Thanks in advance, Gary. Hope that helps devs. Hate fighting with Linux?


This way you can check whether the script reloaded the kernel module”. I’m online for an hour since: Same problem here, I’ve just installed a fresh Ubunbtu This module seems to be good for nothing.

That’s probably a symptom of progress. Aha, I reove, perhaps now my Ethernet activation after suspension problem is solved.

Peter Smith – I had the same experience of trying the 4. First, find the last good -rc kernel and the first bad -rc kernel removd http: