By default aplications are connected automatically to output. The message in Audition seems to indicate that it is not running. Change the settings in the [IO] portion of the file. XP as a master and Win7 slave. Now the question is, how to catch the stream with the receiving JACK? Jack is pretty damn void of decent tutorials Also bandwidth meter shows that it’s uploading.

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Maybe a Win7 issue If you are working with bit applications then contact the Jack Developers list for more information. A pure 32 bit version to be used with older systems typically XP.

How to connect JACK Audio from windows to linux? – Super User

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When the Jack Audio Server is running i. What can we do to fix the crashing?

Running Jack between Windows and Linux – Stack Overflow

Would really appreciate any help I can get on this. Then, I don’t know what can be wrong. I could be wrong, though. By the way I am also highly interested in audio streaming hoq the network. Connect it as you see fit Note: I recommend you to output to ASIO to keep the latency low.

Still, I’ll accept your answer since it looks legit and it’s the only one I’ve got for a full year: This setting can be customized to ude your needs by editing the JackRouter.

Stream audio from Windows to Linux

Netjack client on windows. Still “waiting for a master” On 18 Octat Apparently the options are netjack1, netjack2 and jack.

Cestarian 1, 1 13 If anything, it’s me who should have more problems making it run On Wed, Oct 10, at 3: You we’re right, now I didn’t execute Jack portaudio any more. I’d really appreciate an alternative solution. Post as a guest Name. I did a small write-up of it here: Jack seems to be running, and at that point, the jack audio “soundcard” should be available to programs.


JACK Audio Connection Kit

Hi, I have been successfully netjacking between macs running I uninstalled that and now everything works! Ok, I think I know what you are doing. However, I still didn’t succeed.

But what am I supposed to be able to connect? Now I realized I had installed also this NetJack jacknone. I’ve tried googling around but people seem to either say “It works!

I guess this probably should be done by reading the speaker output and writing it to a virtual recording device.