This takes into account that an area of tape may have several passes during a backup, either because streaming cannot be maintained, or because the backup software package repeatedly accesses certain areas of tape. Monitoring Airflow Note The relationship between airflow and pressure drop depends heavily on the actual design of the cabinet in which the drive is placed. Direct Access allows for speed of retrieval, but at a price. Have any cables been disconnected and reconnected? The time now is Caution Do not disconnect power during the upgrade, particularly when the front panel lights are flashing, or it may result in the drive having corrupt firmware or no firmware at all.

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In order to configure the drive to write to the old DDS cartridges figure 5. The backup package may access certain areas of tape frequently, or there may be a high system overhead that may cause streaming to stop.

An appropriate method to revice whether you have adequate airflow over the drive is to measure temperatures at two key sites. DDS-4 uses longer tapes m.

Solved: Unable to configure HP Storageworks DAT 40 (DDS4) – VOX

Monitoring Airflow Note The relationship between airflow and pressure drop depends heavily on the actual design of the cabinet in which the drive is placed. Forcing the Ejection of a Cartridge Caution Only force ejection as a last resort to recover a cartridge.


Sequentixl can use a combination of Ultra and Ultra2 devices. Join our community today! It appears that you should be able to run it without giving it the device and it’ll take the default.

This is shown by all three lights flashing at a rate of 2 Hz twice a second. Avoiding Condensation Condensation is bad for tape drives, where a thin tape is passing across a rapidly spinning head.

Tolerances and dimensions on Figure 2. They have a pin connection to the SCSI bus.

HP C5683A SCSI Sequential Device Drivers

The host should reposition and try again. This is indicated in the OAR column in the alphabetical list of messages on page The host has access to all command operations, including those that access the tape, set configurations and run diagnostic tests. Last edited by Quakeboy02; at This is based on a typical model of heavy usage as follows: For other drives, the cartridge will be ejected after only scdi 14 seconds when the cleaning cartridge has expired.

This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

Re: Detection of a SCSI scanner

Remember that this will reduce the amount of data you can back up to the magazine, since sequengial will only have five slots available for data cartridges. Have any cables been disconnected and reconnected? Scsii provides a method of detecting whether a magazine is present. Hp Ca Scsi Sequential Device The lower the performance of the computer, the more likely that streaming cannot be maintained and that an increase in the number of passes over given areas of tape will occur.


Any sequengial change to the pin is ignored. The magazine is then ejected. Turn the hexagonal key or small crosspoint screwdriver anticlockwise to release the cartridge—this may take more than turns.

This means that seauential cartridge can be written with uncompressed data and read in any DDS drive. However, if you need to unload a cartridge urgently, even at the risk of losing data, you must force ejection as follows: C55683a Attention Required lower light —amber Steady amber A serious hardware error has occurred. If a fault has been detected with the mechanism, or loss of data may result, the error message may be accompanied by the Operator Attention Required light being lit or flashing.

Because forced ejection may interrupt any operation, it is possible that the drive will not write EOD before the cartridge is ejected. To avoid a scis jam, observe the following recommendations: Data Interchange According to specification, cartridges can be interchanged between drives which conform to the same DDS format.

If it does not match, the tape will be rejected. Copy the data onto a new tape and discard the old one.