A specify code is not required. These receipt data improvements are achieved by waiting until the end of the transaction to print the receipt rather than printing after the entry of each individual line item. The RS supports and Charges The charges provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U. The User’s Guide and Utility diskette will be shipped with the printer if feature code is specified. Electronic Journaling eliminates the need to store paper journal tapes and the time-consuming task of searching paper tapes should the need arise.

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IBM SureMark Printers: New Single-Station Thermal Printers

This post is for useful for increasing the display height particularly when the display needs to be seen above a tall device like a Printer. The specify codes listed below must be used when an alternative to the plant country default is required.

A single cash drawer port is also provided. These quiet, high-quality thermal receipt printers deliver the same speed as the popular dual-station models: See your dollars stretch further by considering new, seller refurbished, or pre-owned printers.

The accent color is used to highlight promotional messages, total savings, loyalty points, and other special information. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The modular interface will enable retailers to migrate to new technologies, like USB, when they become available. Provides a full size cash drawer with a fixed till insert. RS attachment is available on, and as well as other vendors’ terminals, or personal computers, and does not require a prniter.


Non-volatile memory and resident barcodes enabling printing of logos, and coupons, opening marketing opportunities for retailers. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.


Eligible customers may obtain installation and usage assistance from the Retail Industry 460 Units, or as indicated under installation support. These printers will also appeal to retailers who wish to take advantage of an opportunity to market to their customers by using the printer’s stored image capability for coupons and product logos.

EasyServ Repair remotely delivered service model TF6: SureMark Model TI4. Extra adjustable till inserts may be ordered. A specify code is not required. These quiet, high-quality thermal receipt printers set a new standard for speed, delivering up to 52 lps for SBCS output and up to 50 lps for DBCS printing. IBM will assist the customer with problem determination.

The thermal printhead is protected from overheating surematk through a duty cycle algorithm which slows printing after a preset thermal limit is reached. Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. IBM hardware products that are EuroReady may or may not have an engraved euro sign key on their keyboards. Provides a lock for the cash drawer.

Call the REAL source! This page was last updated: In the case of courier pickup, the customer should keep the original unit shipping carton for shipping to the repair location.


To load paper in the SureMark printers, the operator simply drops the paper into the paper bucket with the edge of the paper extended on the feed roller, closes the top cover, and proceeds with the transaction. Black plus one accent color can be printed.

This noise reduction also enables better communication between the cashier and the customer. Papers tested and verified to meet these criteria are listed on the following Web site: Because both interfaces are provided on each printer, customers can choose the bim platform that is best for them today with the knowledge that their printer investment is protected if they choose another platform in the future.

IBM Ti2/Ti4/Ti6/Ti8 Sure Mark POS printers |

Additionally, there are models with a D instead of a T. A very small, space-saving footprint. Electronic Journaling eliminates the need to store paper journal tapes and the time-consuming task of searching paper tapes should the need arise. The till is adjustable to accommodate duremark major international size currencies and can be adjusted with up to seven currency slots and nine coin slots.