Select Exit with the arrow keys and press Enter to return to continue with the post-installation configuration. HEAs offer high throughput, low latency, and virtualization support for Ethernet connections. All in very good condition. You can set each logical port to restrict or allow packets that are tagged for specific VLANs. Storage Location Credit or Debit card over the phone. Press Esc and a pop-up menu will default to a leave editor.

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View image at full size. If changing the keycap, tilt the barrel all the way back while pressing the keycap back on and it should seat just fine.

10 Gigabit Ethernet-LR PCI Express Adapter (FC ; CCIN E)

If it is set to local time or you don’t know, please choose NO here! The system will reboot so watch for any error messages that may appear, see Section 3. These wrap plugs are not included with the card.

The physical port can have only one logical port. When you install AIXyour adapter device driver is automatically installed. Here, both Shared Ethernet Adapters will be able to communicate with different networks at the same time and both VIOS are redundant to each other.


You must separately enable both inetd 8and enable ftpd 8 in inetd. When you activate a logical partition, the LHEAs in the partition profile are considered to be required resources. Resources ent9 and ent10 belong to another dual port adapter.

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This adds the required information to start up the RPC remote procedure call services. Refer to Section However, this does not accomplish much during installation, since the machine still needs to be rebooted.

This is complete with box, ESD bag, instructions and warranty card, cable and etherjet. Selecting this option will bring up the following menu:. Press Enter to exit and continue. That value should match the Adapter ID when the virtual ethernet was dgea. Test the Mouse Daemon.

2-Port 10/100/1000 Base-TX Ethernet PCI-X Adapter (FC 1983, 1990, 5706; CCIN 5706)

To change protocol, use the arrow keys to select another option. Select the interface to be configured with the arrow keys and press Enter. All files uploaded will be owned by this ID.

Verifying the adapter installation To verify that your system unit recognizes the PCI adapter, do the following steps: User Confirmation Requested The Internet Super Server inetd allows a number of simple Internet services to be enabled, including finger, ftp and telnetd. Enable the Mouse Daemon. Select a default MTA. Next in line is the Rwhod option which, when selected, will start the rwhod 8 daemon during system initialization.


It is not recommended for servers, but may be beneficial for stand alone machines. X and Earlier Next.

Typical boot messages version information omitted: Exit User and Devvice Management. It is necessary to configure an IP network interface to enable the adapter to detect a link and to illuminate the link LED. Do not just turn off power. Group The login group name for this user leave blank for automatic choice.

To change the time interval, select Saver again.