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This is a key to the magic kingdom wherever that is. You need to make sure that you follow the steps in this document by using an account that has full accesss permissions.

Most efficient ADODB connection for IIS 7, Microsoft Access and Classic ASP – Stack Overflow

The error occurs because the impersonated Application Pool identity cannot access the temporary folder for the Network Service account. You can configure this setting by changing the value of the Load User Profile attribute in the Advanced Settings dialog box for an application pool.

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Hi there — This is the best post I have found on this issue however it has not solved my issue which is exactly this but relating to a 32bit driver from an Australian financial software firm My Own Business MYOB. After you are done. This error indicates that the JET database engine cannot access the temporary directory for the Network Service user profile that uses the impersonated Application Pool identity.


I went through all the above steps up through creating the script map then created the test file.

IIS 7.5, Classic ASP and Access database ….. Get It to Work After You Read This!!

Can anyone help – IVAR. The hardware and the OS is 64 bit. This error shows that the JET database engine cannot create a temporary file as the impersonated Application Pool identity in the default Windows temporary directory.

This solve almost all my problems. It has solved my issue completely. This error clearly lists the lock file as the cause of accesx failure.

This is best accomplished by using one of two methods:. If this does work, then you start playing with the ODBC driver. The Microsoft Windows Sysinternals Process Monitor utility is a great resource for tracking permissions-related problems. You can miceosoft configure this setting by using the command-line tool AppCmd.

Now if you can tell me how to find server manager on IIS7. The following sections will discuss some of the reasons why this may occur and how to resolve those situations.

If the Access database is stored within the content area of your Web site, by default the JET database engine will not have sufficient access permissions to update the database and you will see the following error message displayed in a Web browser:.

Microsogt Access databases have been popular for many years with developers who use Active Server Pages ASP for small-scale applications, but Microsoft Access databases are not designed for scalability, therefore Access databases should only be used where performance is not a factor, and it is best not to host large-scale data-driven applications with Microsoft Access databases.


By analyzing the information in the Process Monitor logs, you can pinpoint any permissions-related issues. I set up the Classic ASP application pool like you recommended…but I neglected to use new application pool. Classic ASP is capable to handle a lot more than your intranet but Access isn’t.

Finding all related steps to follow on same place is a joy Thank you. Go to advanced setting of your Application Pool, and make sure the identity is set to ApplicationPoolIdentity.

I am experiencing what may be a simpler problem, not related to a database. It was simple, easy to read, easy to do, and it works.

All of which are 32 bit version. I did this absent minded and all my code was displayed on the browser. I wonder what you really mean by “connection type” clearly the most efficient would be the most native, i.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

When you are deploying a classic ASP application that uses an Access database you may see this error because the lock file for the Access database cannot acess created. Microsoft recommends us to use 32 bits Office not to get problems with other applications. To do so, use the following steps:.