So says the protagonist of Westerlies, a challenging and unusual graphical adventure game. Your task is to collect five mysterious pearls hidden in different time zones on an enigmatic island. You will match wits with Polyphemus the Cyclops, Titania the Fairy Princess, King Henry IV, Frankenstein’s Monster, Merlin the Magician, Flint the Dragon, an angry goat. There are twelve ways you can interact with each object (take, touch, smell, taste, talk, give, pet, hit, open, read, combine, and map).

Collect the pearls from dawn to dusk.

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PayCal is a basic database program that allows users to quickly calculate payroll.

The program is pretty bare-bones–you won’t actually be able to print checks from it–but for a basic calculator, it works well.

PayCal’s interface is fairly straightforward.

A timesheet-style display for each employee allows users to enter hours worked, including a deduction for lunch. Users enter 189 pay rate and percentage withheld for taxes or other payroll deductions, and the program calculates the employee’s gross and net pay for the pay period.

Each sheet shows Monday through Sunday for one week, so users who don’t pay on a weekly schedule may find that the program doesn’t entirely meet their needs.

Each group of timesheets can be saved in a 18 database, allowing users to organize information by pay period. The program offers a couple of report options, including a copy of each employee’s timesheet and a list of employees and their pay for a given pay period.


The program also offers a graph function, although it’s not entirely clear what is being graphed.

The program’s built-in Help file is very basic and does not fully explain the program’s functions, but the program is intuitive enough that this is not a major hindrance. PayCal is free. It comes as a ZIP file and functions after extraction with no need for installation.

We recommend this program to all users seeking a basic payroll calculator. Sponsored Adobe Acrobat XI Discover how easy it is to edit and convert PDF files with Acrobat XI.

Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Ezyware Software: Calculate the payroll for the week by entering in the start and finishing times for each day for each employee.

PayCal will calculate hours and minutes worked and their hourly gross and net pay. 18 1. 1 has foreign currency 18 fixed.

What’s new in this version: Version 1. 1 has foreign currency issue fixed. Hide is an ingenious program that allows users to hide various windows with the press of a button. Unfortunately, the program’s unintuitive interface makes some of its features difficult to use, which is a major drawback. The program’s interface is basic, with a box labeled Currently Hidden Windows and another labeled 18 Group.

It’s not immediately clear what a user should do from here, and there’s no Help file, but a bit of clicking around reveals that the meat of the program’s functions is contained in the Settings.

Here, users can set hot keys for a variety of functions, including hiding active windows, showing all windows, and changing the active window’s title (a sneaky and useful feature).


Unfortunately, the functions involving the Program Group aren’t entirely clear. There are multiple references to Program Groups, but we’re not sure if this means that Hide hides all instances of a particular program–all Word documents, for example–or if you can specify that you want to hide, for instance, Firefox and Solitaire.

This part of the program is where a Help file would really come in handy. We fiddled and fiddled with the Program Group options and just couldn’t get anything to happen.

The other options that allowed us to hide windows one at a time were still useful, but we were disappointed that we couldn’t take advantage of all the program’s features.

Hide is free.

It comes as a ZIP file 19 is accessible after extraction with no need to install. Despite a few difficult features, we recommend this program to all users. Sponsored Stay Safe. Stay Up-to-date. Protect your computer with the latest software. Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Shaladar: Hide easily and instantly hides windows that you don’t want others to see, like games at work.