Maybe when connected directly to the modem, maybe. Joined Jan 1, Messages 0. Joined May 23, Messages 0. The intel card gives you two things: Joined Jun 9, Messages 2 Thanks 0. So far, network connectivity hasn’t been a bottleneck.

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Used to be more of an issue before we had obscenely powerful processors like the k. Browser images “look” sharper. I can stream multiple videos from to multiple computers and a tablet without any stuttering in the videos.

Realtek PCIe Gigabit Ethernet 10//M Network Driver Driver – TechSpot

Not only is the CPU overhead lower noticeable browser responsivenessbut Intel chipsets have better physical layer SNR signal noise ratio. The intel card gives you two things: This is a known etuernet chipset with many issues.

Killer NIC’s are junk; both software and hardware wise. For gigibit ethernet this really isn’t an issue anymore.

That cable must be running at least 60 meters to the hub that handles a row of houses in my neighbourhood. Does its job fine. HolyKiller, got my setup done, running 8.


I am happy to hear read your info. Joined Nov 20, Messages 19, 4. Status Not open for further replies. Performance seems OK to me.

Less CPU utilization than onboard Regarding 1. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. Because i wasn’t able to include a working driver or recompile the kernel, I switched to 8. Companies like HP rebrand it. Joined May 28, Messages 59 Thanks 0. You might see a better gain by cobbling together some really old computer and turning it into a router with DD-WRT or something like that.

They both max out my gigabit connection. Using 1 MSI messages re0: This is what I have: Joined Jul 12, Messages 4 Thanks 0. I made CrossOver with two Pro ‘s instead of buying a Gigabit router, and it works well. From a professional standpoint, you might see better manageability with the Intel cards than the Realtek.

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Hunt3r Oct 17, Will edit with screenshots if i can. If anything, it won’t be significant. Also my hard drives are all RPM, so that probably is effecting performance as well.


With these said, the only time your pings will decrease is LAN. Joined May 27, Messages 86 Thanks 0.

Realtek driver for RTL8168E/8111E and Windows 7 32bit

Intel are just as good as the Killer NICs. Both brands are better than onboard. Usenet all day, erry day, gb of traffic a day at least!