All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux. If the system is reporting dropped receives, this value may be set too high, causing the driver to run out of available receive descriptors. The Linux Base Drivers support the 2. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This default mode is suitable for most applications.

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The igbvf driver requires the igb driver, version 2. Ethernet Connection 3 IV vendor: You can use the insmod command for 2.

After running sudo lshw -C net and dmesg grep -e eth -e eI get this output:. When igbvf is loaded with default settings and multiple adapters are in use inetl, the CPU utilization may increase non-linearly.

WoL will be enabled on the system during the next shut down or reboot. Safari Chrome IE Firefox.

Downloads for IntelĀ® 82545EM Gigabit Ethernet Controller

Configuring a network driver to load properly when the system is started is distribution dependent. The parameter may be specified as either a decimal or hexadecimal value as determined by the bitmap below. Overview The Linux base drivers support the 2. Zanna 50k 13 Normally the driver will generate an interrupt every two seconds. I wanted to install the inntel version of the ee driver. Daniel Eckert 31 1 1 4. If you currently have the e driver installed and need to install ee, perform the following: Ontel EE needs VM hardware version 8 or later.


TxDescriptorStep 1 use every Tx Descriptor 4 use every 4th Tx Descriptor 1 use every Tx Descriptor On certain non-Intel architectures, it has been observed that intense TX traffic bursts of short packets may result in an improper descriptor writeback. Load the module using either the insmod or modprobe command: A link between two EEE-compliant devices will result in periodic bursts of data followed by periods where the link is in an idle state.

This parameter is not supported on the based adapter. Ports 1 and 2 don’t show any errors and will pass traffic.

Other distributions may store this setting in a different location. The following adapters limit Jumbo Frames sized packets to a maximum of bytes: Instructions on updating ethtool itnel be found in the section Additional Configurations later in this document.

DMA Coalescing is effective in helping potentially saving the platform power only when it is enabled across all active ports. The NVM checksum is not valid. Increasing this value allows the driver to queue more transmits. This value, in units of 1.


In part 2 of this article we will see how really large the performance difference actually is. On ontel kernels a reboot is required to switch between a single queue mode and multiqueue modes, or vice-versa. The real problem has to lay somewhere else. Setting TxDescriptorStep to a value of 4 will ensure that all TX descriptors are aligned to the start of a system memory cache line, and so this problem will not occur.

Linux* Base Driver for IntelĀ® Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections

Three keywords are used to control the speed and duplex configuration. After installing the driver, if your Intel Network Connection is not working, verify that you have installed the correct driver.

Examples for the emulated devices are: If you have a machine with a BMC enabled but cannot receive IPMI traffic after loading or enabling the driver, try disabling this feature.