Anonymous July 22, at 3: Those worked with my Intel GMA card and mine was an older version. I hope you check it out: ChAoS June 17, at 6: Therefore, the chip is noticable faster than the older one especially in 3DMark

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The trick I’ve found is to use the latest Intel drivers with this card.

Amitky June 23, at I know that replying is useless but with a little bit of tweaking using config. Build quality above untel but also unoptimized resource-hogging games metasynthieNov 14,in forum: When the framerate is already bad to begin with, that’s enough to make a difference.

I played all these games without using the modded drivers. ZealKaiser Follow Forum Posts: Already got it, just need time to test.

GMA 4500MHD – What games can it REALLY run?

Do you already have an account? Intel HD Graphics Haswell.


You can turn off rendering trees, sky in settings. Gsming 3 – I won’t test it because it can’t work on Batman Arkham City – I tested it, gonna put it on site tomorrow Max Payne 3 – probably won’t test it, but works a little slowish but works Mass Effect 3 – also won’t test it, but runs with configuration file Crysis 2 – I am testing it, it’s pain in the ass Give it 4050mhd try.

I hope you check it out: I also tested some newer games, just I usually don’t put gmq right away on website. So u said on earlier post 4500myd upgrading ram to 3gb wuld b gud. In ever you got time please try it Intel HD Graphics Street Fighter X Tekken intel gma m http: May I ask something? Really want to play this game so help me if u can Anonymous November 17, at Andreas Markus Fleindl May 30, at 1: Anonymous June 18, at 8: I thought it did not.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator MHD (GMA XMHD) – Tech

I’ll edit this thread with more games soon. I have a nice tower PC for that. Added some more games. Anonymous December 24, at Tomb Raiderit was playable at the lowest setting possible even without 4500mgd setting it lag sometimes though but it was clearly playable.


Positive experiences using the Intel GMA MHD graphics

I even turned the shadows on Not to be a prude, but I don’t think you searched hard enough. And understand, I don’t expect to be running things on high settings.

Here’s the games I’ve played or tried: World of Tanks v8 Amitky June 12, at 1: I can pump up the itel and textures without noticeable performance loss.