It will be very beneficial for other community members who have similar questions. AcquireConnection Object pTransaction at Microsoft. Provides user-defined information about the DSN. Also if you’re running under Vista, are you running the package as an Administrator? The default for InterSystems is

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I have also tried the following connection string which also tests successfully but then fails when I run the package: Thursday, May 12, 7: I have the InterSystems Cache driver ocbc on my personal PC which is required to open up any of our Excel Documents that are intdrsystems data from the Cache system.

So if you were running around like me, check to make sure you have the appropriate drivers installed for your version of Windows and SSRS. If you are only using single-byte character set data, do not select this check box.

connection to intersystem cache database thru ODBC connection

I have also tried the following connection string which also tests successfully but then fails when I run the package:. The fields are listed below and are required unless otherwise specified:.

Select the appropriate version as follows:. Specifies the password to be used by the ODBC connection. The package is only being tested in BIDS using Debug with my userid which is also the odcb that created the package. Maybe you are running bit ODBC driver in bit mode.


If an operation does not finish within the specified time, it intresystems automatically cancelled. AcquireConnections Object transaction at Microsoft.

Sign in to vote. Defines all connection information directly in the connection string. Wednesday, May 16, Remove From My Forums. Sign in to vote.

Are you running as the same user as you’re designing with? Wednesday, May 11, 5: The job is running correctly now.

That is exactly what was happening, the driver is only bit! Validation phase is beginning. Whether it’s an embeded data source or shared, the error message I get with the above connection string is: This value can have an affect when the ODBC connection is interoperating with an application that uses the decimal separator as defined for the intersystemms locale.

Caché ODBC Driver FAQ

Debug Start Debuggingand report on whether the connection manager is able to connect there? Or, if not cache, if they have this setup with cacue system that needs a driver installed on a users PC to work?


If i can’t get it to work, is trying to set this up as a Data Processing Extension using the InterSystems Cahce Provider assembly something I should look into?

Stil not able to connect. Provides user-defined information intersysstems the DSN. Could you please tell me what exactly you have done? Some ODBC applications, however, hard-code this value. Can someone help me with this problem? Monday, May 14, 6: However, I’m having trouble when it comes to getting a report being pulled from our InterSystems Cache db to work on either the Report Server url or from within the SharePoint Report Library.

It test successfully but fails when I run the package with the error at the bottom of this text. Has anyone else created an environemnt where they are pulling reports from Cache using SSRS and having users open them from SharePoint?