Hosting and bandwidth provided by MacAce. I’m getting the same msg that a lot of people seem to be getting – the pc looks for an ipod usb driver, but can’t find one, has anyone found a way through this yet? And I only have USB on my computer. Just go on google or download. You can edit your question or post anyway. Another bone to pick:

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Originally posted by handv: Does ur sis have win 98, or 98SE. Well, it’s been two straight nights in front of my PC, and no luck. MusicMatch has an overly complex interface and lacks many library management functions that would make life much easier when coping with 30 Gig of music that is something like tracks of music. Use of any content wih98 images without expressed permission is not allowed, ipos links to any page are welcomed and appreciated.

This is an outrageous invasion of privacy, and I called Apple to complain. Please click here for full terms of use and firfwire or read our Privacy Statement.

Using 3rd generation iPods in Win98?

Thanks to their Neodymium drivers, these headphones are five times more powerful than digital music player headphones that use aluminum, cobalt or ceramic drivers. Does this mean when I plug in the ipod it will reboot it and I will losse all the music I have on there?


The iPod’s beautifully designed controls include five buttons and a touch-sensitive pseudo-dial that makes one-handed operation possible, if not exactly easy.

Apple iPod is the greatest MP3 player.

Apple’s iPod sounds great with Windows

Here I found one of the iPod’s few failings. Official address of this page: If u want to be able to listen to the music on ur iPod, u’ll need software. I think that’s what the Apple site says, anyway.

I ripped my entire collection onto my computer and iPod won98 it goes everywhere with firewide. Sign up for the iLounge Weekly Newsletter. You can’t generate a playlist on the iPod itself by tagging individual songs, as you can on some competitors.

You’ll also be able to use digital camcorders and external hard drives with FireWire connectors. The playback is excellent with zero skipping thanks to the large buffer, which buffs 20 minutes of playback.

I switch to headset earphones because I find them more comfortable, but that’s a matter of personal taste. When ephpod tries to create the folders, it tells me it can’t create “: Comment On This Firedire. I know it’s not iTunes but in many respects it’s better: A great sleek look make this product a design classic for the 21st century.


ActiveMac: Apple iPod 15GB: Review

The sound quality is superb and the capacity astounding. What are the minimum system requirements for each iPod? It could be possible to make a driver for photo access and for charging, but I didn’t get requests for such limited capability driver. Stop the world, I’m getting off.

And iPod is the only portable digital music player that supports the AAC format Mac-onlywhich features CD-quality audio in smaller file sizes than MP3, so that even more songs fit on your iPod. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. They now have a sync cradle so you don’t have to crawl to the back of your computer to plug it into a firewire port.

It likewise is worth noting that Apple provides no support for an iPod that has been reformatted for a platform other than the one originally intended. You’ll luv WinXP, or even Win2k. Guide to iPod and Windows ME.