I love this recording feature, it’s the main reason I bought the player to be honest.. Ok I am old school frugal to some learned to others some features I just dont want or need viewing by album art wont find it on the I River H10 why are you going to sit there and mentally know who sang what on what album?? Please follow the next instructions:. Please enter a message. If you are always short on cash like me, the iRiver does just fine in playing your songs. See details for additional description. A tad hefty but for those of us who have not become trendy or flashy you would want something to remind you that it is in a pocket or shirt.

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The most amazing thing about this player is the sound quality. You may also like.

RoHS Certificate of Compliance. For those of us who like me are old and forget to charge every now and then lil terror Iriver H10 holds a decent standby and awesome live charge. First you must build the music database using the following command:. Power off the H10 player. The iPod is a ton smaller 5. Oh let me say one thing I pod addicts your battery sucks!!!

After you have downloaded the corresponding file for your machine, install it with the following command:. As of this review date, this is a great MP3 player to pick up if you are interested in getting a lot of storage space for a great price.


iRiver H10 Silver ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

The iriiver text viewer of the iRiver H10 itiver lets you read the paperless novels, essays, stories etc. Click and hold the Select key of the H10 player “o” button on the right and then the Power button until the “Emergency Connect Album art gone yes its cute and funky but it kills your battery!!! Add to a parts list. The pic function I can pass on but it may appeal to you.

The various equalizers and personal equalizer settings you can establish with this player amaze me. The foregoing information relates to product sold on, or after, the date shown below.

Please select an existing parts list. After careful examination of both devices, I have found that the iRiver has little nuisances, that seem very trivial, but they build up the longer you have it.

As for the libiconv library, please download and install it manually from here. Updating database Writing H10 media database: Save to parts list Save irivsr parts list. About this product Product Information Enjoy your favorite music while jogging, cooking or sitting idle with the iRiver H10 player. Hooking this player to an FM Transmitter, you notice a significant difference in sound when played over your car speakers.


20GB iriver H10 Multimedia Device

I am gonna present some little hacks on how to manage your iRiver H10 under Linux for you. I love this recording feature, it’s the main reason I bought degice player to be honest. Thank you for your feedback.

Product Key Features Storage Capacity. Reading H10 model template: It also is very durable, especially with the gel cover.

iRiver H10 Hacks

This is an example for irivre x86 machine, for an amd64 architecture please download and install the corresponding file e. You can install the libid3tag and the devel package with the following command:. Also line out functions radio ect Well here we go another I Pod wanna 1h0 ,first lets clarify a few things 1: This player is approximately the same size as an Apple iPod, though it is loaded on features that the iPod makes you pay extra for.

If you have the big headset that covers your whole ear, there is no fuzz, but if you have the tiny little earphones, there is thing little fuzzy noise.