If you own a Hz display panel based on dual link DVI i. They have a driver for hz sequential output They have a driver for 60hz checkerboard output They have a driver for 60hz interleaved output They have a driver for dual 60hz twin display output for using two projectors, one per eye etc, etc, etc Medieval may hang when levels are loading. The company has been at the forefront in developing robust drivers for the entire 3D gaming community. At GDC we had the opportunity to check out the latest from iZ3D, a company that has been making stereoscopic drivers for quite a while now.

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Basically, you have to start the shuttering on one PC by playing something in 3D with Nvidia to activate the glassesand then view the 3D on the second PC with the now active Nvidia glasses. ArtificialIntelligence is an important part of what’s next in futurecomputing and was a vital topic at Immersed Dragon Age 2 — There is i3d black screen at the start if antialiasing is enabled in DX You must log in or sign up to reply here.

He shared his inspirati… https: PaulMar 4, The wizard takes you through ten steps of looking and adjusting various aspects of the image, and for a novice to step in and pick this up without getting frustrated is asking way too much.

Stereoscopic 3D Monitor From iZ3D: Passive Glasses and Polarized Screens

NVIDIA’s 3D Vision gets close, but is still lacking and needs better support from developers and is not available to owners of other graphics hardware. Reportedly, these linear polarized glasses will solve color viewing issues experienced by some users, not to mention allowing for easier user adjustments.


The Left eye frames are degree polarized. At best, this ghosting just sort of adds a glow or blur around objects, but at worst it can make it impossible to focus on the stereo image.

If you have a Hz projector or notebook computer with an embedded Hz display, this is the best case scenario for the iZ3D drivers. Before we get into that, let’s talk about what iZ3D is actually doing to achieve their stereo effect.

iZ3D debuts polarized 3D glasses, announces DirectX 10 driver

This would mean essentially doing the same thing NVIDIA does but with polarization rather than blacking out the actual lens itself. Which is unsuitable for anything above casual gaming. This is utterly unacceptable.

This happens on the sub-pixel level for each of red, green and blue. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. However good luck finding one.

For the enthusiast, iZ3D does do a good job of explaining how to tweak the settings to get a good stereo experience, which NVIDIA definitely leaves out. What I understand is that this monitor is Hz izd3, that makes it compatible for Stereo 3D The experience with iZ3D is not as pleasant. What makes this revision unique is it has been released in two flavours.

Some info about ATI 3D support.

iZ3D – Wikipedia

Immersed starts on Thursday! Using a custom profile for those glasses i had laying around.


PaulMar 26, The iZ3D Version 1. A completely new user interface in the iZ3D Control Center. The key difference with GeForce 3D Vision is that active glasses flash between translucent and black every th of a second. NVIDIA has spent a good deal of time profiling applications and has built in settings for convergence and separation in games and has done a great job of making xtereo experience pretty well plug and play.

I would like to ask a few question. Through this feedback we became concerned with a small percentage of people who saw two variations of color through our partially elliptical polarized glasses,” said Thomas Striegler, CEO iZ3D Inc.

Stereoscopic 3D Monitor From iZ3D: Passive Glasses and Polarized Screens

We began to research other types of polarization and were impressed with the many advantages that linear polarization izd to the entire 3D visual experience. At in between angles, a proportional amount of light is filtered out.

To me it still works but it just works with the colors a tad darker then normal. Imagine having a single object and instead of seeing two different images one with each eye you saw four different images both the left and right view in both eyes.