The sewing machine is one of the few home appliances to fully take advantage of computerization. Using a template helps you position where you want the embroidery to sew, which is why Janome embroidery designs include pre-printed templates. EasyEdit has the ability to print templates for any. Customizer Plus – Overview. The EasyGigaHoop program ensures the left side is turned upside down for you. The three programs that comprise Customizer Plus are:.

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You detach the removable clamp from the bracket at the 1 position and reattach it to the bracket at the 2 position. The GigaHoop is ingenious in that by turning the hoop around, we get another B hoop-sized sewing area.

Or, you can draw the crosshairs on the fabric, instead.

We want clean, uncomplicated graphics because the digitizing you will be doing is called auto-digitizing, and auto-digitizing requires these types of graphic images.

For all other designs, we must Jaanome them into the software.

Wireless technology We can transfer designs to the MC and E by Compact Flash The designs are existing; that is, they have previously been digitized. Transfer Designs When we talk 1000 transferring embroidery designs, we are speaking of any manner of moving the designs from the computer to the Memory Craft.

The Software Update page also has updates for your Janome embroidery software.


Your microwave oven has a little processor chip in it, but you can’t upgrade its functions by downloading and installing new software. EasyEdit has the ability to create layouts that are quite large, as large as 3 sheets of printing paper long and 3 sheets rigitizer printing paper wide.

Once it is opened in the software, you can transfer it to the Memory Craft just like any other embroidery design.

They may have gotten to you in different ways: It is a great hooping aid. No matter how you acquired the designs, they must show on the right side of your screen in order to be transferred to the Memory Craft.

To digitize diigitizer To transfer designs from your computer to your Memory Craft To convert. This is the two page template of the two page layout: This is the size of Hoop B.


Many of the lessons under the EasyImport category show how to use this program to create embroidery designs. By laying it on your fabric, you can rotate the template any way you want it, even janlme an angle. Combining Several Designs to Minimize Hooping. If you digitized the design in the EasyImport software, when you saved the design on your computer media, EasyImport saved the graphic picture with it.

These are designed to fix any issues that have arisen after the software was released and to add more features and in many cases speed up various functions. Many people refer to the plastic grid that comes with the divitizer hoops as a template. A GigaHoop design sews in two passes: The instructions tell the embroidery machine exactly how to lay down stitches that will become your beautiful embroidery.


Support Register Warranty Contact Us. It is possible digktizer take your machine back one or two versions.

Software Updates

When you open the design, it shows the picture on the left side of the screen, and the design on the right side of the screen. Products Inspire Learn Blog.

The embroidery file format for Memory Craft models, and is. For example, in the layout, we combined the window on the right and the table and chair into one design to sew in the B hoop. Using a template helps you position where you want the embroidery to sew, which is why Janome embroidery designs include pre-printed templates. Many designs in this format are still available for you to sew, but they must be converted to.

We prefer to call them “plastic hoop grids” to distinguish them from templates. After all, the software is doing the work for us.