I had to change a property at the database level to enable access by both SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication. Select a time zone. It had to be under the lib directory of Apache Tomcat. I have been trying to make a connection between these two softwares fo whole day, but unsuccessfully I couldn’t manage to solve the problem. Feb 11 – I found that I had to use a slightly different connection string and it is:

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Its not a problem if they are installed on the same machine or different machines. Jaspersoft documentation is a joke. Provide any Name, Label, and Description. Yes, same scenario only I’m using versus So we thought we would use the Jasper Server a different product than iReport for internal reporting but the Jasper Server was not as easy to jsaperserver with as iReport.

It has been an extreme source ssql frusturation for me to get things done. Nov 29 – Open iReport Designer 3. The exception handling is also bad.


java – Sqlserver connection failed from jasperserver running on docker container? – Stack Overflow

It throws an exception with message “SQL Server supports holdability at the connection level only, use the connection. Also I note that the JasperForge the opensource part of JasperSoft has a wiki, but it is nothing but headers and the data is pretty much blank.

Post as a guest Name. I can provide my server IP adress and password via private message. I found that I had to use a slightly different connection string and it is: Make sure there are not 2 conflicting jdks on your server.

Go and find the sqljdbc4. Once I commented out the holdability and let it default, everything worked fine. It defaulted to port Chapter 5 of the installation ssrver, distributed with the WAR installer is all you need! Sign up using Facebook.

MS SQL Server connection with JasperReports – Stack Overflow

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Click Test and it should succeed. NOT under the lib under webapps. What is more, I’m not a client who is connected to Windows Home Server All my notes are related to using SQL Server authentication.


Thanks a lot buddy. If you need more in detail messages as to why your connection fails, you can download iReport and if you build the same connection in there, you can get more in depth error messages.

Using MS SQL Server as a Data Source in JasperReports Server

I’m logged in, have an administratives privileges and I use Windows Home Server localy, not remotely It had to be under the lib directory of Apache Tomcat. What drivers are you using? Thx for Ur help. Please visit this documentation. Click the second icon called Add Resource and select Data Source. You have to be careful about the colons and semi-colons. This error did jasperxerver occur when connecting from Jasperserver 4.