Does something similar work for RMIR? It was and is always a pain. Display posts from previous: Parallel Port JP1 on Winbit? Problem with NT port driver:

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We can probably get rid of libgwiopm.

I wlth a “no remote found” message. It appears that you can’t use Win7 64 bit directly with the parallel interface. Mon Mar 04, 2: Display posts from previous: I’ve done minimal testing with this version using a URC and a direct parallel port under a Win7 x64 system.

Wed Nov 20, 9: I have a Win7 x64 desktop with a parallel and a serial port if one is needed for testing. Profile Log in to check your private messages Pory in.

JP1 Remotes :: View topic – Parallel Port JP1 on Winbit?

Please make sure you have Admin rights. Proglem realize this is an old thread but maybe someone has an answer for someone still trying to support a JP1 remote URC on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. This thread does have near the end one approach using a virtual machine. Does something similar work for RMIR? I looked into this recently and came across this web site http: If it’s a range, use the first number.


A few years back or so I successfully used the IR. I have tried the JP1.

I am unlikely to want to do further work on it myself. I can now dump pory win forever. Original driver is from http: Tue Dec 18, 9: Unable to start service This driver has been blocked from loading.

Mon Jan 21, 3: I was able to get the regular version of IR to work in 32b by selecting Win NT and admin rights, then tweaking my 32 bit lp1 with the correct address.

Windows 7 and Parallel Port Access (For JP1 Remote) | [H]ard|Forum

Wed Dec 19, It is a long time since I took it over from you and my interests have now switched to developing RMIR. I get a read address error on startup but I was able to read from a URC It was and is always a pain.

There is also a box to enter a port address in hex but I have no idea what it might be. That’s the number you want to type in the box.


Prolific USB-to-Serial Fix (Official Solution to ‘Code 10 error’)

Can anyone tell me what port address to use or how to determine what port address the Parallel Card I installed might be? I looked at the InpOut I’d like to use something more mainstream so I don’t have issues.

I could never get it to see the remote when I attempted to use the Check Interface function on the Interface tab. Tue Dec 18,