The MCP is a similar technical tour de force. I seem to remember nForce numbers in a previous beta of the new Sandra however they are strangely absent from the test version. The CPU is a monster that will do nearly 1. AquaNox – AquaMark V2. Lets start at the top left as usual and work our way down. When not using the IGP it’s not so much of a win.

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Motherboard: MSI K7N Pro Review :: Features ::

The human eye cannot even detect anything above thirty frame rates. Lets start at the top left as usual and work our way etherne. That’s to be expected given the class of GPU it is and the memory it has to work with. It did not find a device driver.

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You have a choice of using either an analog or digital connector when using the on-board sound. That combination scored in our recent Asus P4T-E review.

So we can write it off as a world beater in tehernet terms, but we shouldn’t write it off in the area that it’s designed for. Before we hit the game benchmarks lets take a look at POVRay. Overall, another sound layout from MSI.

All E rrors The system will halt on and display the error message if any error hap pens. My eyes took about 2 minutes to tire. While I don’t see a market for after market northbridge sinks, it’s a simple, easy clip design that’s better than push pins.


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Moreover, they are just rebadged reference drivers. Sporting an assortment of on-board gadgets such as video, audio etherndt LAN this board is well equipped for the budget gamer, multimedia or office environment.

From Mhz up you only have, and to choose from with each setting having 2 degrees of mem speed. First off we’ll test with a Ti installed, the onboard graphics core unused and the system at stock speeds with no overclocking.

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I have the luxury of having access to the fastest consumer graphics cards ethernft the market so a GF2 MX wouldn’t be my choice. Thanks for the help.

Proper DX8 games that use the shader functions aren’t going to run particularly well on the integrated core. With a quicker XP processor and a drop to xx32, the most common gaming resolution in use today and the IGP performs perfectly well. Lay this equipment on a stable and flat surface before setting it up. Increasing card clocks at the higher resolution would have a large effect on the scores as the raw fillrate of the card comes into play.

I’m not really a hardware guy, but I must have missed something somewhere. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Windows XP Professional Build With the onboard AGP slot, you can use the IGP for the time being and make an informed choice a few months down the line after having disected the market at that time and having saved up the cash to buy a new card.


Here are the technical highlights of the IGP. All trademarks, logos, and copyrights are property of their respective owners. The layout of the motherboard is done adequately enough including a nice heat-sink on the Northbridge but like usual using a large video card in the AGP port blocks two of the memory banks.

There are only a few limited FSB selections available.

Bundle MSI always impress with the actual bundle you receive when you buy their hardware. This MSI is definitely not an overclockers board. The LEDs provide up to 16 combinations of signals to debug the system. How to Guides Interviews Tech-planations. Page 21 Chapter