If you don’t want to shell out the extra money, then do a search and I’m sure there would be a few free ones out there. I did not install any drivers for the TV stick as Win10 automatically found and installed the working drivers. The above link I got to through a previous products link. Ask him to give it to you. Select Custom and click Next. Good Luck on this endeavor and please write back and let everyone know how things went Dr. You could try using compatibility mode for your tuner, it didn’t work for me using total media though.

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It seems windows 10 have problem with tv tuner drivers.

KaiserBaas USB Dual DVB-T Digital TV Tuner

Ajay40 replied on May 27, This will not work on Foxtel, as a Foxtel receiver decodes the encrypted Signal, the USB device would process dvb-t2 signals at best.

AzNDuDe asked on May 27, Regards Chris chris bbaas replied on Apr 07, Hi Terry, Thank you for your question. There was always some functionality, but not to the full level you’d expect. Cableguy replied on Jan 03, If the signal comes back, then there must be some interference between the laiser supply and the antenna you stivk use.


Ask him to give it to you Dr. Ajay40 replied on Sep 15, Follow the on screen prompts to select the language and click Next. Have you checked your cables and or connections.

Hi, if you go to http: Select Custom and click Next. This happens to me sometimes and it is a tuning problemsometimes you have to rotate the aerial to receive different channels, ie CH 2 will be ok but nothing else so by turning the aerial ever so slightly you may pick up other Chs but lose CH 2 if you follow meIn the country where signals are weak you may to do this.

Most TV apps enable you to set up your TV display so that it is always “on top” of other displays. I haven’t tried it on Win 8. It has been seamless in my setup, both with my TV card and now with the stick. You will be prompted to select the location of the driver software.

KaiserBaas USB Dual DVB-T Digital TV Tuner

Click on Device Manager on the left hand column of the computer management window. Have you tried restarting your laptop with it connected stivk the power supply and the TV stick connected?

To confirm, yes you do require a rooftop aerial in many locations. Did you find this helpful? This feature makes it easy to go on working while keeping an baaas on the TV.


I have enough cables to re-wire The Golden Gate Bridge if necessary – and that’s just in my backpack. A roof mounted antenna is always recommended. The way I have kaiiser set up, is I will use the TV guide to select the show I want to record and then I’ll set the computer to sleep.

If it doesn’t work, or the connections are not compatible, then chances aren’t good. In practice, none of them worked.

Apologies for the late reply Try your short antennae out side first and see if it works there as sometimes it is hard to pick up a reception inside. There are downsides to using a USB stick.

Well watching it anyway. Could someone please tell me why the tv signal drops completely out on my Kaiser Baas tv stick when I plug in the laptop power supply? You can then record shows manually or schedule the recording. On the welcome screen click Next.