HS also reports on the end of Uber Pop, the ride-sharing service that’s suffered from a legal crackdown in Finland. Finland declares Christmas Peace in year-old tradition The government hopes that will make Finnish exports cheaper and help boost the economy. Video Mermaid swimming in Finland: At that point, Uber hopes it will be able to operate without legal difficulties.

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Yle Myynti Yle Arkistomyynti Arkistoidut sivut. Fireworks ban, ski lift sabotage and most desirable employers Fake cop scams on the rise She was incommunicado until the morning, according to her friends and agent, who released a statement condemning security at the festival.

Med students fight false health info Man suspected of stealing k from employer, fleeing to Tallinn Unions and some economists criticised the pact as it focused on labour costs rather than productivity or management and sales competence which are–according to professor Pertti Haaparanta at least–particularly weak in Finland.

Jy government and especially liberal newspapers like HS would prefer soft to hard Brexit, so it remains to be seen whether that particular assessment is accurate–or just wishful thinking. That is thanks in large part to Finland’s competitiveness pact Finnish acronym: Esports in Finland now subject to anti-doping rules Two alleged bus attacks investigated as attempted hijackings Afterwards they took her outside the festival area and handed her over to the police, who took her for a night in the cells.


Kikywhich cut pay and extended working kikh for most employees in the Finnish economy. Even Santa needs to pay taxes in Finland Flow organisers joined the condemnation and said an investigation is ongoing, while the company they’d hired to provide security, Local Crew, said that they did not at present have evidence that bouncers over-reacted.

Finland’s Border Guards brace for seasonal influx of Russian tourists HS believes the UK’s proposals for a transition arrangement with shared customs controls represent a sort of climbdown and–more importantly–a victory for those in Britain advocating for a softer Brexit.

Santa Claus sets off on his journey News Business daily Kauppalehti has happy news for the government: Up to now Britain and the EU have been playing a game of chicken, according to HS, with both hoping the other would back down in time.

HS also reports on the end of Uber Pop, the ride-sharing service that’s suffered from a legal crackdown in Finland.

Gatwick airport chaos suspends Lapland holiday flights Mermaid swimming in Finland: Holiday return traffic peaking Wednesday A look back at News She said no, reports Nyt, as she was eating food laid on for performers and hadn’t finished.


Russian woman detained in Helsinki at US request Schoolkids in Finland start holiday break Competitiveness boost Business daily Kauppalehti has happy news for the government: Finland’s Santas for hire – a cherished Christmas tradition Vegan ham flying off Finnish shelves Snow and freezing rain disrupt holiday traffic Microbes pose no threat to winter swimmers A look back at These negotiations are being followed closely in European countries, especially anglophile ones like Finland, and so it’s no surprise that HS carries an editorial taking a stand on the proposals.

Uber says it aims to return in the summer ofjoyy a legal reform will remove the cap on the number of taxi licenses granted in Finland and ease the requirements for obtaining one. However a so-called ‘cliff edge Brexit’ is a bad outcome for everyone, says the paper, so somebody has to blink.