When the computer is booted up in the future with the film drive attached, it boots successfully. Check to see that gears aren’t jammed. I’ll be busy for a while, but hey, it works. Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers. After jumping through all the maintenance hoops, I decided to install a new print head. Try a different film cassette. Refer to the previous question for instructions on how to check and change these settings.

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Please contact your local Kodak Technical Support for return information and authorization so that you can send the film drive in for repair.

When you upgrade, make sure that you: First, reboot your system, especially if you have experienced other systems drivf. Double-click on the System icon.

Kodak Model FD 300 Advantix Desktop Parallel Film Drive Working W/

Click on Test All. If the printer still does not work, consult the printer manufacturer. How should I set my monitor display for best results?

Please consult your computer vendor or manufacturer for assistance. In French Canada call In other words I feel most of the pictures quality is preserved. Contact Kodak for additional assistance. You’ll need to re-create any custom galleries you made. An earlier version of the driver shipped with some computers causes 2 to 3 horizontal lines to appear in a full view of an image when the image is viewed horizontally.


If the printer functions properly now, the problem could be one of the following: If the error does not occur, the gallery files are damaged. There can be more than one sound card entry. Tried connecting the PC to the pass-through parallel connector on the scanner, installed the software – no joy. Make any desired changes and select “Apply” and follow screen instructions.

The Web site also contains the latest film drive drivers and updates. The film drive should rewind the film into the cassette ffd then you can open the door. The scanner must be doing a good job, since it takes minutes per picture If there is, you may have to open the other entry to get to the necessary option.

Run the Troubleshooter Software without film. Double-click the System icon.

Kodak Advantix Film Drive FD – sheetfed scanner Overview – CNET

Refer to the previous question for instructions on how to check and change these settings. Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers. Run the Troubleshooter Software without film This error usually occurs because of a bad film cassette, or film is stuck in the film drive.


Thus, the film drive defaults to a right-side cartridge load. Your computer displays a communication error whenever it has trouble communicating with the film drive. When trying to scan using the film drive, the software returns an “unable to communicate” error message. To correct this, download the latest 3D video driver from the Matrox Web site: How do Korak change my parallel port mode?

If you have more than one parallel port on your system, it is advisable to move the film drive to the LPT1 parallel port. You can usually tell what type of processor you have by the model name. In addition, please check the pins on the AC supply connected to the back of the film drive.

No, the film drive utilizes a LED light source that does not require any warm-up time, giving you high-quality scans without the typical lamp warm-up time associated with most film scanners.